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The Fat Loss Factor Review

The Fat Loss Factor program is a brilliant combination of diet and lifestyle, in this guide you can choose between plans; there are options on how much weight you want to loss and how quickly you want to loss? Isn’t that great? This program is specially designed in the form on eBook, PC software and videos as well, so you can understand each step conveniently.

This program is divided into 3 major sections which can be selected by user, a user and select all 3 of them or user can select only 1 from them, this is totally up to user, because all three sections consist upon different results with different time frame.

Section 1

First section of Fat Loss Factor is quiet stable and steady, it will help you loss 1-2 pound per week, very smoothly and generously.

Section 2

Second section of this program is bit quick and effective, it will help you loss 3-4 pounds per week, this will also go smooth and rash less.

Section 3

Third section of this program is something else, it’s a turbo booster, which will help you loss 5-6 pounds per week, and keep in mind, aggressive results came with aggressive efforts.

It is very simple to choose among those plans, you can either select sections 1 or you can select all of them, randomly according to your daily routine, all sections provide clear cut results, because the research has been proven by millions of users already.

The Fat Loss Factor
Ebook Review Pro

The Fat Loss Factor book is designed and organized by Dr. Charles Livingston along with his wife Lori. He is a physician and wellness practitioner; he called his program as an “un-diet”. His basic mind set is to improve your diet, while adding some other things with your routine diet that will help to reduce the levels of fats, to maintain your weight, fatigue and figure.

The best thing I like about this program that you do not have to change your routine completely, it totally up to you, if you want to change, you can change, but if you are not willing to change your routine, that is also totally fine, because of the diet additions by Dr. Charles, you will be able to manage fully within this program.

If you wanted to carry on with this program while eating your routine favorite foods without gaining any extra fat and weight. It is very important to maintain your metabolism; you have to make sure that your colon and liver are working perfectly fine. For that manner Dr. Charles recommend to prepare your body for this program by performing a “Fat Loss Factor Master Cleanse”.

This cleanse process will remove the toxins from your liver and colon, and this starter therapy will also help you loss up to 9 lb and 3 inches off your waist. However if you are unable to perform cleansing, you can directly go with the quick plan which is discussed above in section 2.

Cleanse is mandatory if you want to take start directly from Turbo plan, which is explained above in section 3.

The Fat Loss Factor program provides a detailed listing of what to eat to continue losing fat and avoid rapid weight loss, because it will make you feel dizzy and weak. Guide consists upon a complete list of foods which will help you burn your fats, and there is another list of foods which can be a cause of weight gain, so you can choose wisely.

Now we know that we have a lot of food choices, but is it enough? Dr. Charles also introduce a new thing within his program, which is called structured eating, which guides you what to eat at what time. A very flexible plan which can be followed as you like to follow, so you can get better results with the way you want.

There is also a cheat included in this program, provided by Dr. Charles, to cheat your daily routine. A doctor itself is advising to cheat on plan, isn’t it amazing? 😀

This guide is not like all other weight loss programs; there is one great addition in Fat Loss Factor, which is a complete list of meal plans for 3 months. So you can choose among them freely, there is no restriction of following day by day recipes. Eat what you like to eat.

I personally like this program a lot, because of these free meal plans of 90 days included with the guide, because I have written a hundred of thousands of reviews and I found this feature very rare, like many of the weight loss program will provide you meal plans with some extra cost. The Fat Loss Factor by Dr. Charles Livingston is an exceptional case.

Like all other weight loss programs, Fat loss factor also need special workouts to build your muscles and make them lean, which will only take your 30 to 45 minutes. Each step is shown in the form of video, to help you perform easily with all the instructions and time frame.

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The Fat Loss Factor Is Suitable For?

This program is suitable for everyone, due to a great amount of choices; all three plans are designed by creating a keen variation so anyone can join this program.

People with really tight routine, and do not have the time to perform daily exercises, this program is very suitable for them with “un-diet” feature.

Both vegetarians and vegans are suitable for this program, because of their already maintained diet plans. This program will boost their efforts.

Anyone who is willing to take healthy diet, but needs some guideline.

The Fat Loss Factor Is Not Suitable For?

Although the diet plans in this program are very safe and healthy, but if anyone has any health issues, he/she must consult with his/her doctor before taking part in this program. Because some of the processes are bit strong like Turbo weight loss and cleansing process, this could cause uneven effects.

If you have any medical issues, then the best way to lose your weight is to take low carb diet, that diet will no effect anyway on your medical condition.

What Is In The Fat Loss Factor Pdf?

A guide to take a quick start.

The Fat Loss Factor complete book by Dr. Charles Livingston, and every details and principles of weight loosing and all.

Weight measurement form and online weight tracking system.

A complete meal plan recipes for 3 months.

A videos tutorial performed by Dr. Charles itself, which will explain how to make cleansing recipe.

A recipe book of 10 minutes raw food

A recipe book of organic foods

Complete list of fat burning foods

Exercise Performa along with food diary

Workout plans for all three levels, along with repetitions and sets symmetry.

An animated demonstration of sample workout routine of 75 minutes.

Email support of 1 year directly from Dr. Charles Livingston

Lifetime updates as newsletter related to the program are free.

Cost of The Fat Loss Factor

This weight loss program created by Dr. Charles is very affordable and available in a price of $47 only.

How You Will Get The Fat Loss Factor?

When you will buy this program, an email will be sent to you on your provided email, while paying for this product by Dr. Charles Livingston, which includes your username and password along with membership website. All you have to do is to visit that website, login by using your personal username and password, and then you will be able to access all the feature of The Fat Loss Factor Dr Charles.

If you are willing to get this program in physical form, you can make the request from your membership website, and your papered copy will be delivered at your door step. There is a slight charge of shipping and handling.

Is There Money Back Guarantee?

Yes, there is an exclusive offer from Dr. Charles Livingston, that if someone is not satisfied with his program after making a purchase. That person can request a refund, and all the money will be deposited back, without any question asked and not even a single penny will be charged.

You can make your refund within the 60 days of purchase, after 8 weeks there will be no refund option.

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According to my analysis, 60 days are more than enough; I am personally a user of Fat Loss Factor and let me be very frank with you, I only tried this product due to its money back guarantee promise. That makes me feel very easy at the time of purchase, I was so confident that if this program will not satisfy me within 60 days, I will request for my refund.

But the things go way further than that; I am actually a super fit guy now, because of Dr. Charles research and weight loss program.

The Fat Loss Factor really worth a try, grab your copy today and see how things will change within and all around you. For me it’s not less than a miracle.

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