Respiratory Gymnastics: Lazy way to Lose Weight


We all want an ideal body, but not always our willpower is enough to train for hours. Of course, the summer with the beach season is over, but this does not mean that you can relax and run yourself to the next warm days. Ideally tightened tummy will never be superfluous, and even in the cold autumn-winter period will add to you self-confidence.

It has long been known that it is not possible to achieve one by force trainings, for example, by intensified exercises on the press, a flat stomach. This will only lead to the fact that you are pumping up your “armor” for the fat layer. Fitness trainers actively advocate cardio training, which, allegedly, are considered the best assistants in this difficult matter. Half an hour a day, take the run, and soon your figure will pleasantly surprise you. But what do those beautiful female representatives who do not have free 30 minutes a day, or run them are contraindicated for health reasons, or (what is the most common case) they simply do not have enough willpower every day to force themselves to run? In this case, breathing exercises will help you!

As you know, oxygen helps burn fat cells, and respiratory exercises are aimed precisely at the active supply of oxygen into the body. And most importantly, oxygen has a beneficial effect not only on the appearance, but also on the internal state.

A total of 15 minutes a day, allotted for simple exercises, help:

      Dull the feeling of hunger
      Optimize the digestive process
      Split the fat cells
      Add vigor and strength
      Strengthen the immune system
    Soothe the nervous system

Of course, this method of losing weight is not long-lived, and in case of termination of the program you will quickly (within a month) type all your centimeters at the waist back, but if you do it regularly, success is guaranteed.



So, all you need to do is to get up to 15 minutes earlier than usual and on an empty stomach (this is the most important thing) to perform only 3 exercises:

      We stand up straight, feet shoulder width apart, arms at waist. One hand for convenience can be put on the stomach. We inhale – we round the stomach. Exhalation – we draw in. It is important to do gymnastics in a measured and straining press. Repeat 2 minutes.
      Then we follow the same technique, only breathe in and out until the end. A small breath – the stomach is rounded, a little more breathing, and again a little breathe. After a short exhalation – the stomach is pulled in, we breathe out a little more, and exhale a little again. Do not forget to strain the press as much as possible. Repeat the exercise for 10 minutes.
    And afterwards we take a breath – we round the stomach, on an exhalation we bend down, we breathe out as much as possible, we draw in the belly and hold our breath. Then we straighten slowly and count to 8. It’s important to do everything slowly, so that your head does not feel dizzy with unaccustomed use. We repeat 3 minutes.

Such simple exercises help to remove extra centimeters in a few days, for a week with high-quality performance you can get rid of as many as five hated centimeters in the waist area, and the most pleasant is that the result is visible on the second day. This method is perfect if you leave a week later and the figure is not put in order.