The importance of Birthmark on Woman’s face with Layout Scheme


Birthmarks are benign or malignant unique marks on the human body. Often they are located on the face, are barely noticeable or frighteningly large. It is very interesting to understand the importance of birthmarks on women’s faces, since they probably reflect the character and of a person’s fate. Depending on the location of the neoplasms, they may have different interpretations.

Birthmark on the forehead

Moles on the forehead testify to the extraordinary abilities of the brain, high energy potential and a special intuition of a person. He has the makings of a manager and politician. Despite the powerful charge of energy, such people are advised to stop in time in their affairs, so as not to overdo it.

If the birthmark on the right on the forehead is a signal of high intelligence and discernment, a desire for self-development, predisposition to happiness and fame. When the mole is in the middle of the forehead right above the bridge of the nose, a person is able to foresee the future. If the mark is on the forehead at the top, then there are good organizer and leadership abilities. Such a person is able to follow the idea, lead the people.

The central birthmark on the forehead is a mark of Mars, which gives personality aggression, indifference, persistence, self-sufficiency, independence and cruelty. The mole on the left on the forehead speaks of a complex character.

the meaning of moles

Birthmark above the eyebrow

Moles above the eyebrows speak of human observation. He can build a career in politics. When the mole is close to the eyebrows, on the forehead on the right, the person seeks to lead others and can reach significant heights. Implied is a difficult fate with complexities and obstacles that prevent achievement of goals, but still they can be overcome.

Moles on the eyebrow line or in close proximity to them also bear a hidden meaning, they portend success in the opposite sex, a happy family life and good offspring. Sometimes a mole above the right eyebrows indicates the presence of problems caused by an incorrect and careless attitude towards close people. In order for such a person to achieve his goals, he must spend a maximum of resources and show persistence.

Neoplasm over right eyebrow or in eyebrow itself is a sign of successful first marriage, but high probability of problems in family in case of repeated marriage.

Birthmark on the temple

The presence of a birthmark on any temple testifies to the hyper sensuality and sentimental mood of a person. Feelings of this person can easily be awakened by any emotional action or rushing memories. The perception of all stimuli is exacerbated, but emotions are easily controlled by a person – they are minimally expressed or concealed.

People with a large mole on the temple are more inclined to disguise true feelings than people with a small mole. Some hide this mark for hair or a headdress and correctly do. Indeed, experts say that it is desirable to hide this new formation from the views of outsiders, since the mole speaks of unusual abilities and talents.

Sometimes the owners of the nevus on the temple violate the supply of the brain with blood, headache and memory problems. Temporal birthmarks also indicate the presence of targets unreached in past lives.

birthmarks on the face

Birthmark behind the ear

Many sources claim that owners of moles on the ear from either side often display recklessness. The new formation on the basis of the ear on the left is sociability and benevolence, on the right is shyness and not a trusting character. The mole in the lower part of the ear on the left is a predisposition to conspiracies and mysticism, to the right – an outrageous errant choleric person.

A mark can be on the earlobe, if it is on the left, that is, the propensity to various health problems and weak character, when it is to the right, then, on the contrary, it shows a consistently good health, strong immunity and determination. Moles on the urine are associated with wealth and money.

Successful creative people often have a mole in the ear cavity on the left, and in attentive to people capable of high concentration of people – it is on the right in the auricle.

There are bad people with moles on their ears, they are prone to deception and theft.

Quite a few good and uncomplexed people able to overcome difficulties.

Birthmark on the nose

On the Internet there is a scheme of moles on the face, but still one should not think that predictions always come true 100%. Almost always a mole on the nose portends success in life and positive thinking. Neoplasm is removed only in exceptional cases, when it is large, threatens health and severely interferes.

Those who decided not to remove this birthmark, value their uniqueness and consider the nose beautiful. Karma can change in an undesirable direction when removing such a mole. A happy birthmark on the nose carries an openness and sociability. Usually this is not a conflictual, easy and at the same time temperamental in love relationships a person.

The negative meaning of a birthmark is superficiality and lightheadedness. Neoplasm can be shown to everyone, it is not harmful to a person’s personality. Birthmark also indicates activity, a tendency to frequent work changes and easy entry to high positions.

Birthmark above the lip

The mole on the left above the lips speaks of a happy marriage, and on the right it indicates the unpredictability, dreaminess and sensitivity of a person. Spot jokingly called a fly, it gives the woman a special charm, some even draw it. Owners of a birthmark above the lip on the right are often tough and harsh people, they are calculating and cunning, have sharp features of character.

As a rule, such strong ladies attract weak partners, in such a pair the control of women dominates, it dominates. When a woman with a fly over her lip encounters life’s troubles, she certainly wants to put anger on those around her.

The possessor of a birthmark is not peculiar to the desire to create a home cosiness, harmonious motherhood. Often there are proud loners. It’s not easy to find a man. Such women can concentrate on career and big earnings and reach heights like no other. They are powerful and authoritative personalities.

on the location of moles on the face you can learn about the nature and fate

Birthmark on the lip

The birthmark on the lip is called Venus’s mark, it speaks about the ease of attracting the right partners, promises luck in loving relationships due to the natural attraction of the person. They are very pleasant in communication and outwardly attractive women with a light temper.

In the company of such a person, it is always pleasant for everyone to be. The former spouse will not be at enmity with this woman, she has true friends, dense and warm communication with relatives. Potential enemies are quickly repelled by infinite charm. Enmity with such a person is a great rarity.

A woman is purposeful and ready to move quickly to her dream, without infringing on the interests of other people. Character – generous and decent, there is a strong belief system. Moles on the inside of the lips are a sign of religiosity.

Birthmark on the chin

The mole on the right on the female chin speaks of her ability to strengthen her predominant character traits. Such people love to give advice to everyone around them, they have real wisdom, they are able to help relatives in a difficult situation. A woman has a sense of style, has a strong intuition, is very patient. But if the partner brings a pronounced discomfort, then it will be put in place. The woman maintains order in the dwelling, she is a good wife and mother.

Moles in the left side of the chin in women indicate the desire to immediately achieve absolutely all goals. Someone will call it a spoiled character. A woman is not ready to deny herself anything. In the character there is some unpredictability, inability to handle money. Possible impulsive purchases. The woman’s mood is hard to recognize. Such persons often choose work in the field of creativity, are excellent at enchanting men, easily build relationships.

Convex Birthmarks

The bulge of a birthmark is its elevation above the surface, it protrudes above the skin. The large size and volumetric silhouette of the birthmark in women on the face denotes a strong influence on life and destiny. Very noticeable and convex neoplasms are a sign of devotion, a happy future, an ability for noble deeds. In such people, life is full of positive moments, they are pursued by luck.

Especially prominent moles are important for people with fair skin.

Round and volumetric moles on cheeks usually have a positive interpretation. Convex neoplasms can strongly resemble warts, their root is tightly clamped in the deep layers of the skin. Color may vary from person to person.

The nevus is a collection of melanocytes, in which the pigment melatonin is included. It is believed that melanocytes are able to regenerate in melanoma. One of the causes of convex moles is an abnormality in the endocrine system associated with a disruption in the functioning of the pancreas and liver.

Birthmarks in the form of a triangle on the face

The system of moles on the face, forming a triangle, an oval or a circle, brings luck for the person and all conditions for happiness. A woman with such a drawing throughout her life bathes in luck. At the same time, one should not relax and rely only on fate.

It is necessary to make efforts in order to achieve success in life. The triangle will affect fate and character if all the birthmarks are the same size, shape, color. Welcome to the close distance between nevi. Such a composition is often located on the cheek of a man who is distinguished by indifference and some callousness to the feelings of others. Such a problem does not appear as a personality trait, but as an expectation of luck always going into the hands.

Moles with a triangle on the cheek reflect the amicable cell of society – the family. The accumulation of birthmarks is a powerful energy sign, almost always bearing a positive. Birthmarks with a triangle can be flat, blue, vascular, convex, pigmented.

Many birthmarks on the face

It should be noted that the abundance of birthmarks on the body is a good sign. You can treat this factor as an ornament and a good sign. In ancient times it was believed that such a person will certainly find happiness. The probability of a happy fate increases, if the person himself can not simultaneously see all the birthmarks in the mirror.

To the owner of a large number of birthmarks, the ancient sign does not recommend recounting them. Otherwise, you can lose prosperity, luck and happiness. It should be noted that many moles can be in healthy people, and they do not mean that melanoma will develop.

When moles form interesting figures – this is a special sign from above, highlighting the owner from the crowd. The figure of the triangle – ensures the creation of a happy family and high chances of love.

It is not necessary to literally perceive the meaning of moles according to their location and expect from them any negative. The article gives general data that coincide with the real state of affairs only occasionally. There are a lot of cases when the predictions are not true. It is necessary to know that any nevus, irrespective of localization on the body, can be transformed into melanoma. It is advisable not to damage birthmarks, protect them from sea salt and ultraviolet, monitor the hormonal background.