How to Restore the Abdominal Muscles after Cesarean


Cesarean section is usually done with complications during pregnancy or when natural births pose a danger to the health of the mother or child. During surgery, a horizontal incision of the abdominal wall is made in the uterine region.

After the application of the sutures a scar is formed in the region of the fascia, connective tissue, mainly consisting of collagen and nerve endings.

New collagen fibers are formed at random during the healing process. Sometimes they form spikes that attach to muscles, bones and even organs. This causes excessive tension in the fascial network and can lead to loss of stability of the abdominal wall.

This also directly affects the neuromuscular system by sending impaired impulses to the brain. Thomas V. Myers, author of the book “Training for anatomy, myofascial meridians in manual therapy and curative gymnastics”, compares violations in the fascial network with puffs on a sweater. Stress in this area affects the entire body.

Therefore, when restoring the muscles after cesarean section it is very important to reduce the formation of scar tissue. When the doctor permits (usually six weeks after cesarean), you need to start gently massaging the area to stimulate oxygen intake and toxin removal.

Use your fingertips to massage this place in different directions, as well as in circular motions. Try to massage in the direction where the tissues have become stiff to improve their suppleness. Massage can be done lying on your back or sitting in a comfortable position.

Massage the scar’s place for a few minutes, focus on breathing, make long exhalations. This will play the role of an easy training for this area. But do not twist the abdominals in any way! Instead, it is better to perform ball exercises and other smooth exercises.

Straightening of the feet

Lie on your back with your legs bent.



Slowly glide across the floor, straighten one leg, then return it to its original position.


During the exercise breathe deeply, the spine should be in a comfortable position.

Exercises with the ball

Starting position: lying on the back, legs bent and leaning on the big ball.


Using the muscles of the abdominal press, push the ball up with your legs straight. Use your feet to return the ball to its original position.


When you rise after the end of the exercises, do not make sudden movements.