How to make a Nourishing Mask for dry hands skin at home?


Only loving and well-groomed woman can be truly attractive and successful. It is necessary to lead a healthy lifestyle, monitor hair, face, hands and nails, undergo beauty procedures.

Caring for hands


One of the little discussed, but important directions is nourishing the skin of the hands. But first you need to say a few words about care in general. Proper care is based on protection from negative factors, maintaining youth and beauty. Do not often expose your hands to sudden temperature changes. In winter it is desirable to wear natural hypoallergenic gloves, because contact with synthetic fibers is dangerous for delicate skin.

with sufficient moisturizing and nourishing the skin of the hands will be tender and soft
Caution in everyday life

It is harmful to get carried away by washing in hot water. After any contact with moisture, a thorough wipe is necessary. Hands should be protected in all cases when there is a risk of damage. For example, when cleaning, wear gloves, so that the skin is not affected by mechanical actions or aggressive chemistry. If you neglect the protection, then the fingers will appear burrs and the hands will be rough.

Maintaining Beauty

For the beautiful women’s hands, support from the inside is also important. That is, you need to eat right, take vitamins and drink more. Particularly beneficial antioxidant vitamins – A, E, C. Home care should be regular. Hands need to be rinsed in a bath, the peeling procedure and nourishing masks.

Rules for the use of masks

Many people are familiar with the problem of dryness and cracks. But for some reason in this situation it is accepted to be limited to creams. Masks from natural products were undeservedly forgotten. About them we will tell further.

For maximum effectiveness of masks, it is worth doing not one procedure, but a course. Ideally, eat at night 3 times a week. The mask is applied only to dry and clean hands, after a little massage.

The optimal mask time is 20 minutes, some of them can be left for several hours. To comfortably sleep with oil or other product on hand, special cotton gloves are needed.

In all cases after a mask it is enough to wash your hands in warm water. Then the skin should be lubricated with a cream with the effect of moisturizing and nourishing. With this approach, you will be protected from early aging and dry hands.

at home, you can make masks for hands with eggs, oils and glycerin


A simple nutritious mask

Butter and yolk are two products that function without fail on the over-dried skin. It will take:

      any vegetable oil – 1 tbsp. l.
    raw egg yolk – ½ yolk.

Whisk the yolk and pour in a little oil. With a light massage, apply a mask, hold for 20 minutes, wash and wipe hands, at the end lubricate them with cream.

Glycerin mask

The recipe gives a strong moisturizing, softening, deodorizing, toning and smoothing effect. Components:

      glycerin – 1 tsp;
      cocoa powder – 1 tbsp. l
    water – for the dissolution of cocoa.

Cacao dilute a little with boiling water and cool, mix with glycerin. Lubricate hands, wash after 20 minutes.

Night mask made of oils

A wonderful home-softening recipe against dryness and cracks in the hands. Ingredients are:

      olive oil – 1 tbsp. l
      liquid vitamins A, E – each 5 drops;
      sea buckthorn oil – 0.5 tsp;
    ointment Panthenol – 1 tsp.

In a warm environment, the night mask acts better, so it’s better to wear gloves. Lubricate hands abundantly before going to bed, wash everything off in the morning.

Mask made of aloe

After the aloe is renewed, the skin is significantly moistened. The following products are needed:

      natural honey – 1 tsp;
      olive oil – 1 tsp
    fresh leaves of aloe.

Using a tool to grind garlic, make a pulp from the pulp of aloe. You can also use a blender. Add all the rest, apply for 20 minutes in hands.

Mask for intensive moistening

This mask gives an instant effect of softening, nourishing and moisturizing. The following products will be required:

      starch – 1 tsp
      honey – 1 tsp
      olive oil – 2 tsp
    liquid vitamins A, E – each 10 drops.

In the oil and honey to drip vitamins, then mix the starch. After peeling your hands a little soak the skin and apply a mask, placing emphasis on the fingers and the outside of the brush. The mask time is up to 30 minutes, after it, use the cream.

Smoothing mask

If you do not care for your hands, wrinkles appear early on them. Masks help reduce the chance of wrinkles and rejuvenate. Thanks to the abundance of oils, nails are strengthened. The mask slightly whitens. Here are the ingredients:

      wheat oil – 0.5 tsp;
      linseed oil – 1 tsp;
      almond oil – 1 tsp;
      oat flour – small amount;
      essential oil of rosewood, carrots, neroli or lavender – 8 drops
      hot water or lime tea,
    a little lemon juice.

Spread the flour with boiling water to the gruel, add all the oils, drip the lemon juice, mix. Clean hands, put on the mask for 30 minutes.

Mask with fish oil

The following mask is unusual, but can eliminate excessive dryness and give comfort. Ingredients:

      fish oil – 0.5 tsp;
      juice from parsley – 1 tsp;
    natural curd – 3 tsp.

To get the juice of parsley, use a meat grinder and squeeze the squash through the cheesecloth. Add the other ingredients to the juice and apply the mask for 20 minutes, wash hands after the procedure.

In addition to caring for the skin of the hands, do not forget to regularly make a manicure. Beautiful female handles give confidence, allow you to succeed in a relationship and career.