How to Lose Weight advice by a Professional Nutritionist


To survive a difficult path to the harmonious and healthy body of your partner is difficult, but possible. Together with the expert, we found out what sacrifices would be made for this purpose.

The reason for your man’s overweight is likely to be malnutrition or overeating of refined carbohydrates. If such a problem exists, ideally, your partner needs to be sent to the doctor first. It is important that the doctor prescribes a test – a general and biochemical blood test, a general urine test, a diagnosis of thyroid hormones, sex hormones and leptin. Alas, but on their own initiative, men rarely go to doctors, so they must be prepared morally to submit tests, repeating the phrases about the doctor every day as a mantra. While the man will “ripen” to the survey, tell him in the form of an ultimatum that tomorrow begins a new life – without persuasion, without postponing on Monday, without “on Friday I’ll sit with friends in a restaurant” or “on Saturday I will go out of town , and then I will take care of myself. ” Taking control of your partner’s nutrition, do not forget that a well-designed diet will be useful and personally for you. This will save your couple from spontaneous harmful snacking and prevent illnesses associated with improper nutrition. So, where do you begin?

Step One: We eat houses

Get rid of harmful products. While the partner is at work, clean the fridge of sauces, sausages, sweets, beer, cereal, dried, halva, sugar. For a boring and hearty breakfast, buy a set of various whole-grain cereals – oatmeal, buckwheat, barley, wheat, pearl, millet, brown rice – and arrange a “week” from the porridge in the morning. You can not spoil the porridge with oil, especially if this oil is 82.5% fat, but not more than 1 teaspoonful. Do not forget about the protein dish! It can be eggs without yolks (in men with overweight, the cholesterol level in the blood is most often increased, and the yolks are the leaders according to its maximum number). An alternative to egg whites is 40 g of hard cheese. I recommend alternating dishes: a day of cheese to porridge, a day ─ a protein omelet with greens, baked in the oven.

You can offer your husband tea or coffee, but not more than one cup a day. It is important to make sure that your partner’s blood pressure does not rise regularly ─ because excess weight contributes to this.

Step Two: Take food with you

It’s much easier to feed a man at home on weekends, but you need to work hard if you want him to build. Most likely, your husband is used to having dinner in a cafe or in a restaurant, but even in the best restaurant for preserving foods and improving their quality add flavor enhancers that are addictive and addictive, which in no way contribute to weight loss. Therefore, it is better to take care of feeding your man in advance.

So, distribute food with you for three meals: lunch, lunch and snack. On the second breakfast offer the partner 8 almonds (this is useful, including as a prevention of heart attacks and strokes) and berries. Berries, most of them have a low glycemic index and are available all year round. In the summer – fresh: strawberries, strawberries, blueberries, blueberries, raspberries (200-300 g, depending on its body weight). In winter and in the spring – frozen. As a rule, berries retain their useful properties by 90%.

For lunch – twice a week, feed him with fatty fish (salmon, mackerel), and five times a week – with the former meat of turkey, chicken or rabbit. It is advisable to buy meat in the department of farm products or in the market.
As practice shows, men baked pork in the oven do not want meat. From the preparation of beef steaks while refrain – check first the indicators of cholesterol and, if they are too high, then before their normalization, give him steam cutlets from a rabbit. Vegetable soup – puree or soup on vegetable broth is mandatory. To soup – bread without yeast and without sugar or from whole-grain flour. And, of course, a salad of fresh vegetables and greens. Separately, prepare a dressing from unrefined vegetable oil, lemon juice and a pinch of salt. Seasonings are best replaced with herbs – thyme, basil or a mixture of Provence herbs.

“Get rid of harmful products in your home. While the husband is at work, clean the fridge of sauces, sausages, sweets, flakes, dryers, halva, sugar … From this moment with your help, a man begins a new life! ”

At noon – give him a sour milk product: cottage cheese up to 5% fat, but not fat-free, natural yogurt without additives or curdled milk. After dinner, waiting for a delicious dinner, your man should not be hungry ─ his thoughts should be focused on making money, not on the stomach. Another tip: limit the salt in his diet.

Supper let it be simple and easy to prepare: low-fat fish from the cod family and baked or stewed vegetables are what you need. You can experiment with legumes as a protein dish – subject to tolerance and his love for them.

At night offer your man to drink a glass of kefir. And in general, do not forget about its drinking regime. In the absence of addiction to edema and high blood pressure – 30 ml of water per kg of body weight per day is its norm. Remember that coffee, tea and soup are not water, but food.

Step Three: Take Care of Vitamins

Micro and macronutrients supplied with food are not enough for the normal functioning of the organism of your man. In days when his diet will not have oily fish, add fish oil to the salad. As a rule, men do not like fish oil from childhood, for sure, he does not want to take it separately. So do it so that he does not notice. After all, the balance between Omega ─ 6 and Omega ─ 3 must be observed daily.

“If your man is a sweet tooth, give him two dried dates every day. As soon as he wants a sweet, the date can easily suppress the feeling of hunger. ”

Believe me, in men the process of weight reduction goes very fast ─ much faster than for women. Thanks to testosterone and your efforts. Rational nutrition is 70% success, but you do not need to forget about physical activity and work and rest. At night, a man should sleep, but not read. Joint walking with Scandinavian sticks is more effective than other cardio loads by 30%. Sign up together for dancing, in the pool, and send your husband to undergo a massage course ─ in a complex, this will help not only to get rid of excess weight faster, but also relieve stress. Remember that before going to bed it is useful to have sex, but better ─ love, because this mandatory “program” is included in the complex of struggle with your male’s excess body weight.

It’s very simple! The main thing is to develop a plan and adjust the daily preparation of rational food: in fact, it is simple and fast in execution (you do not have time yourself ─ your assistant in the house will learn and thank you for new knowledge). A man should eat and understand what is in his plate. So he will trust you even more, and when he sees the effect of the right actions, he will answer you with a huge portion … of mutual love.