How to Kill the Dental Pain at Home?


Toothache causes serious discomfort to people .

One of the reasons for its appearance is the defeat of a nerve consisting of hard and soft elements.

To cope with the pain syndrome, the dentist can recommend removal of the nerve .

However, many people are interested in how to kill the dental nerve at home and whether it can be done.

Functions of the dental nerves

The nerve is an integral part of the tooth . The hard part is located outside, and the soft part is inside.

It is called pulp. By this term we mean a fibrous and loose structure that fills the dental cavity. It is in it are all the vessels and nerves.

The fibers that are located in the teeth are combined into branches that are in the canals and roots. Nerves are directly involved in the life of the teeth. If it is removed, the tooth also dies.

Until the end of development and formation of the nerves are responsible for the innervation of teeth. At this time, they participate in the nutrition that is required for full growth.

After completion of development, the nerve performs another important function – sensory. When there is a pain syndrome, we can talk about the onset of a destructive process.

Why kill the nerve?

In some situations it will not be possible to do without the removal of the dental nerve . This manipulation can be avoided only if the destructive process has just begun.

If pathology affects not only the upper layer, but also pulp, dentists are forced to make a decision to remove the nerve.

Of course, it is best to conduct quality therapy . However, this is not always possible. In some situations it is necessary to perform a partial amputation of the pulp and get rid of the nerve.

To avoid severe pain syndrome, the nerve must be killed before manipulation begins .

Pulpitis, which acquired a more complex form – periodontitis, requires removal of the nerve and amputation of the pulp. Carious processes also lead to the need for nerve removal. Similar interventions are also carried out with serious mechanical damage.

Indications for nerve killing

To understand for yourself whether you need to remove the nerve, it is worth paying attention to specific symptoms. Inflammation of the dental nerve is determined by simple tests.

The main manifestations to which attention should be paid include the following:

Pain . It is important to analyze the nature of discomfort. If the pain syndrome has appeared for no apparent reason and has not been going on for a long time, and also is aching, it is likely that you will need to conduct depulpation. This manipulation consists in removing the pulp and killing the nerve.
Reaction to irritants . If after consuming sweet, hot or cold foods, aching pain does not disappear, it can be judged that the destruction reached the pulp. In this situation, too, you have to kill the nerve.
Cold test . With this test, you can determine whether you need to perform depulpation. To do this, take a small piece of cotton wool and place in the freezer. Then pull it out and attach it to the aching tooth. If the pain immediately arises and will be present for a long time, we can talk about the need for depulpation.

Many people are wondering if the dental nerve itself can die. This situation is very rare and accompanied by a marked pain syndrome. Therefore, do not postpone the visit to a specialist who will do the procedure correctly.

Preparing for an independent nerve removal

What if my dental nerve hurts? Before starting the depulpation, the tooth channel should be cleaned. This will help avoid suppuration.

First of all, you should use a toothbrush and paste to remove the coating from the enamel and get rid of jammed food.

Then you need to treat the needle or thin wire with disinfectants. These tools can be used to accurately clean the hollow of the affected tooth.

After that, the oral cavity should be rinsed with an antiseptic agent . You can also use ordinary liquid for the oral cavity.

Methods of self-nerve removal

There are several techniques that help to kill the dental nerve alone. Some methods are best not to be used at home, as they can cause serious harm to health.

So, to the common methods of killing a nerve include the following:

The use of arsenic . Dentistry uses arsenic-based drugs for depulpation. Many people believe that they can use such funds at home. In fact, clinics use special pastes, including arsenic paste. The substance is not used by dentists in its pure form. For a person, 5 mg of arsenic can be a great danger . Because this method is better not to use.
The use of zinc . You can get this substance from printing ink. To do this, take a plate, treat it with alcohol, and on top place a piece of newspaper measuring 5 × 5 cm. It should be filled with inscriptions to get the right amount of zinc. To do this, the paper should be set on fire, and collect the resulting ash with a sterile cotton fleece and place it in the prepared canal of the tooth. From above it is closed with a piece of cotton wool. Keep the composition is recommended 12 hours.
The use of gunpowder . This method is not recommended. This is due to a high probability of intoxication of the body.
Use of acetic essence . To apply this technique, you need to dip a small piece of cotton wool into a tool and place it in the tooth channel. This should be done very carefully so as not to touch the gums. Otherwise, a severe burn of tissues can be obtained.
Use of alcohol . To do this, in the substance, moisten the cotton wool and place in the hollow of the affected tooth.

Using these techniques helps to kill the dental nerve. Thanks to this, the pain syndrome disappears. If the condition does not change or worsen, you should immediately call your doctor.

Self-medication poses a serious health hazard . If the channel is improperly cleaned, there is a risk of infection. In such a situation, there is a need for antibiotic therapy.

Even if there is no pain syndrome 2 weeks after self-nerve killing, the dentist should be seen.

Ways to calm the dental nerve

Many people are wondering how to calm the dental nerve. If the pain is pronounced, and you can not get to the dentist, you can try to cope with the problem yourself. For this, effective national means should be used.

So, how to anesthetize the dental nerve at home:

An effective method of eliminating the pain syndrome is rinsing the oral cavity with a soda solution .
A pronounced anesthetic effect is frequent rinsing with warm broths of oak bark and sage
Propolis helps to remove discomfort . It is enough to attach it to the cavity of the tooth.
Garlic helps with pain . From it you need to make a gruel and attach it to the affected area. Within a quarter of an hour, discomfort will disappear.
Alcoholic beverages
help to remove the pain syndrome . To do this, the liquid should be collected in the mouth and held for a few seconds near the aching tooth.
Answering the question whether iodine can soothe pain it is recommended to moisten the cotton wool in the preparation and attach it to the problem area.

Many people are interested in what to do if the dental nerve has chilled . To eliminate discomfort, you can use a soda solution. Garlic and tincture from birch buds is equally effective.

Self-nerve killing is considered a rather complex and dangerous procedure . It is carried out only in extreme cases. After carrying out such manipulations, you should always see a doctor. In some cases, serious complications may develop.