Exercises and Diets for Weight Loss from Legs?



Feet is a special part of a woman’s body. They always attracted the attention of men. The ideal figure is unattainable without slender legs. Beautiful forms are rarely given to girls by nature, so you have to work hard. If there were problems with excess weight and the legs became shapeless, it’s time to start squatting, do swings and attacks, get on a good diet and undergo cosmetic procedures.

Exercises for weight loss of legs

Before exercising it is recommended to warm up by doing a warm-up.

Classic sit-ups

Every girl has to be able to squat right to have beautiful legs and buttocks. We put the legs across the width of the shoulders, hands stretch forward or put on the belt. You can squat only with a flat back. When lowering, make sure that your knees do not go further than the feet. Ideally – the knee above the foot. Heels tightly pressed. The thigh line is parallel to the floor. It is enough 3 sets for 15 repetitions.

Squats in the style of plie

Plies squats are different from the usual ones. So, you need to stand on the width of the shoulders, slightly turn the knees and socks on the sides, and in this position crouch at a slow pace. Beginners are uncritical to hold on to the support. In 1 set up to 10 repetitions.

Squats in the style of sumo

The correct technique of sumo squats is specific. You need to spread your legs widely, to dilute the socks on both sides, put your hands on your hips. Hold the normal posture, sit down 15 times, perform 3 sets.


In the standing position, place your hands along the body. The legs are set shoulder width apart. It is necessary to bend one leg in the knee, to give it forward in the attack. It is impossible to draw a knee beyond the toe in the execution of the drop, it is put perpendicularly to the floor. Then lift and return the leg in the first extension. To make on each leg 10 times.

Back attacks are also useful for the legs and buttocks. In this case, the principle is the same as in the classic attack, but the leg should be retracted. Do also 10 times per foot.

Double attacks

To perform a double lunge you need to know the technique of a conventional lunge. First, make a lunge forward, then return the leg not to the starting position, but to bring it back.

Mahi with feet

Some call an exercise on all fours with a mahi dog. Standing on his knees and making an emphasis with his hands on the floor, to make one foot of the mahi, throwing it then sideways, then back. After 4 repetitions, return the leg to the starting position.

Prorolling of the inner thigh

To tighten the problematic internal area of ​​the thighs is easy, if you know the technique of lifting the legs from a recumbent continuation. In this exercise, you have to lie on one side, straighten the leg, which was below. The leg at the top is protruded forward, bent at the knee, and the foot is placed on the floor. The leg that is at the bottom should work. It needs to be raised with considerable amplitude, directing the sock to itself. Slowly perform flips on your side 10 times, on each side.

Raising the feet

To have slender legs and beautiful thighs, you need to do the lifts of your legs. From the position on the side, rest your head on your arm, straighten your legs. You should play with the foot that is above. Only 10 swings per set.

Bending of the knees

If you do not exercise, then with age, your knees become ugly. To work through this zone, you need to stand facing the wall, pull out and rest against the wall 1 foot. The starting position is the leg at a 90 degree angle. It is required to bend and unbend the leg in the knee. On each side, perform 15 repetitions.

Stretching of the ankle

Thin ankles are always attractive. We lay on the back, we put our hands under our heads, we connect our legs. It is necessary to raise the legs and put them vertically, that is, perpendicular to the floor. We keep the sock taut from ourselves. One of the feet to unfold and pull on yourself, then again pull away from yourself. There are 10 repetitions on each leg.

Nutrition for weight loss of legs

The detox diet

A low-fat, fat-burning food system cleanses the intestines, freeing tissues from excess water. The emphasis is on products that promote natural intoxication and eliminate harmful salts. Thus, one can come to losing weight in legs and many other problem areas.

With a diet will have to remove from the diet fried foods, animal food, sweets and smoked, all high-calorie. The menu is greeted with low-fat milk products, cereals, fruits, vegetables. From drinks, unsweetened green tea and purified water are suitable.

A total of 4 meals a day. One serving can have a volume of 250 g. In the evening, take food 4 hours before going to bed. In the best case, it turns out 10 days to drop 10 kg. Diet positively affects health and beauty, improves well-being.

To prepare a dietary broth, take 1.5 liters of water and 400 grams of your favorite vegetables. For example, suits cabbage, carrots, celery.

Menu on the 1st and the 6th day

      for breakfast – oatmeal without additives;
      for lunch – tea with ginger, vegetable salad, broth on vegetables;
      for a snack – carrot juice;
    for dinner – tea with ginger, yogurt, apple, broth on vegetables.

Menu on the 2nd and the 7th day

      for breakfast – kefir, vegetables, buckwheat;
      for lunch – vegetables and vegetable broth;
      for a snack – juice from fruit;
    for dinner – herbal tea, fruit and sunflower seeds.

Menu on the 3rd and the 8th day

      for breakfast – buckwheat porridge and broth on vegetables;
      for dinner – fruit juice, salad with carrots and rice,
      for a snack – berries;
    for dinner – salad with cabbage, broth on vegetables.

Menu on the 4th and the 9th day

      for breakfast – yoghurt, rice, nuts, fruit salad;
      for dinner – dried fruits, rice, broth on vegetables;
      fruit juice for a snack;
    for dinner – buckwheat porridge, vegetable broth.

Menu on the 5th and 10th day

      for breakfast – tea with ginger and rice,
      for lunch – cabbage, beans and vegetable broth
      for a snack – broth on vegetables;
    for dinner – tea with lemon and ginger, rice and vegetable stew.

The cleansing diet has no minuses, but it is not so easy to hold onto it until the end.

Drinking diet

Another way to correct the figure is based on proper nutrition and increased drinking of water. Dehydration harms the whole body. Often, thirst is perceived as a famine. On the water diet, you can lose about 10 kg per week and lose weight in the legs by several centimeters.

One serving of water is a 200 ml glass. Drink preferably in small sips. It is wise to start your day with a glass of water, it is better to drink it on an empty stomach. Before and after meals during the day, too, you must drink, pausing for about half an hour. At the time of eating, do not drink. Just a day to drink 3.5 liters. Starting at 7 o’clock in the evening – a complete famine, but you can drink.

Low-fat dairy products, berries, fruits, vegetables, cereals, fish and meat dietary dishes are welcomed.

The menu for the day might look like this:

      for breakfast – an apple, porridge;
      3 cups of water;
      for lunch – cottage;
      3 glasses of water;
      for lunch – vegetable salad, fish or meat broth;
      3 glasses of water;
      for a snack – fruits, dried fruits or berries;
      3 glasses of water,
    for dinner – fish or meat, raw vegetables; [3] a glass of water.

When the diet is over, you can switch to a healthy diet, but already with the consumption of 2 liters of water per day. Water in large quantities is undesirable for problems with the heart, liver and kidneys.

Diet on rice

Rice is an affordable cleansing product. It saves from the accumulation of fat and speeds up metabolism. For a week on a diet lose 10 kg, legs become slimmer. The ration is far from poor and excludes the feeling of hunger. At the heart of the diet are raw fruits and vegetables, boiled rice. You can also use honey and olive oil.

To prepare a dietary dish for a day, you need to soak a glass of rice in cold water. The next day, rinse the rump again and boil it for 5 minutes. The entire volume is divided into 5 parts for all meals.

Here is a menu offered for the day:

      for breakfast – rice, fruit, honey;
      for lunch – rice, vegetable salad
      for dinner – rice, fruit juice, stewed vegetable dish;
      for a snack – rice and fruit;
    on dinner – rice and vegetables.

As you can see, the rice diet is filled with useful products, it does not put the body in shock, it does not harm metabolism. Together with losing weight, harmful substances are released. There are few proteins in the menu, therefore, those who exercise can lose muscle mass.

Procedures for weight loss of legs


To remove excess fat from different problem areas, including from the feet, you can pass cavitation in the cabin. The procedure significantly reduces cellulite and is painless. With the help of ultrasound equipment, non-surgical liposuction occurs. Fat tissue is destroyed at the cellular level for 5-10 cavitation sessions, each for 20-60 minutes. The procedures are carried out with an interval of 5 days. The result of weight loss for each woman is different. The effectiveness of cavitation affects the skin condition, the amount of excess weight and neglect of cellulite.

Aerobics and massage in water

To quickly lose weight, you can practice aqua aerobics and do a hydromassage in the bath. Water procedures accelerate the metabolism and regeneration process, help to reduce problem areas in the volume. Fitness classes in the pool are more effective and safe than ordinary aerobics.

Cleansing with scrubs

The use of self-made and purchased scrubs will help to maintain the beauty and harmony of the legs. Cleaning supplies oxygen to the muscles, gently exfoliates the dead skin layer, strengthens the lymph circulation. This is the effect you need for losing weight legs. The procedure is carried out in the shower. The whole process is reduced to a massage with a washcloth using an abrasive substance. For example, ground coffee or coffee grounds, ground apricot stones, shallow sea salt or baking soda. To make the home scrub softer, the natural abrasive is mixed with liquid soap.

Vacuum Massage

Professional vacuum massage helps slimming legs and removes severe cellulite. For this effective procedure, massage banks or a device with nozzles are used. The effect of vacuum creates pressure drops and intensively massages soft tissues. As a result, it is possible to achieve both superficial and deep layers of adipose tissue. Massage works well in the direction of slimming legs, as in the treated area, metabolic processes, lymph flow and circulation are accelerated. Harmful substances are removed from the tissues, sweat and sebaceous glands function faster. To visually lose weight legs, you need 10 sessions of vacuum massage, 40 minutes each.

Hot wrapping

Wraps for feet can be performed at home. Before the procedure, it is recommended to take a shower and treat the skin with a soft scrub. Natural mixtures are applied in a warm form. Here are the best options for products for hot wraps:

      coffee with essential oils – fresh ground coffee (2 tablespoons), lemon or orange oil (6 drops), water (1.5 tablespoons),
      mustard with honey – mustard powder (2 items of l .), natural honey (1 tbsp.);
      blue clay – buy a bag of clay in the pharmacy, dilute it with water;
      salt and oil – natural olive oil (2 parts), honey (1 part), (2 parts), massage feet for 5 minutes, then warm with a film,
    cinnamon with pepper – red pepper (2 tbsp.), cinnamon (2 tbsp.), olive oil (1 tbsp. .).

Apply the selected mixture, wrap the feet with food film, take cover with a blanket, withstand 30-40 minutes, take a shower, apply anti-cellulite or moisturizing cream. Wraps are performed every 2 days, only 12 procedures. The effect will be stronger if eat and exercise properly.

Use corrective underwear and push-up leggings to create attractive shapes. With such clothes you can become much more slender even before applying the procedures, diets and exercises. It is known that the fullness of the thighs and legs is a common female problem. And not everyone is able to maintain harmony for years. All the blame may be not only the genetic predisposition to accumulation of fat in the abdomen, thighs, legs, but also the wrong way of life, disorderly sleep and wakefulness, frequent stresses and harmful food.