What is the most effective diet for 4 days?




Long and very hard diets for losing weight uniquely harm health, which can not be said about unloading days and express diets. Short power systems are easy to sustain, even if there is no willpower. They do not bring negative consequences, but only lead to excess liquid and purify the body, give a sense of ease, restore digestion after the holidays and help to take the path of improving the figure. The best option is a 4-day diet, choose the right menu for slenderness from this review and lose weight with pleasure, you will succeed.

The classic four-day diet

A standard short diet is a good way to throw off 5 kg. During the first day the organism is reconstructed, this is the time of preparation. Vegetables are welcomed (but not corn and potatoes), low-fat fish, turkey, chicken and fruits (but not grapes and bananas). Especially important is the use of citrus and green vegetables.

On the second day, prepare only vegetables, cook them in a steam way, bake or eat raw. During the third day, it is good to stick to the fruit and berry diet. To exit the diet is intended the last day, it is built in the same way as the very first.

Here there is a well-known drinking law – for the cleansing effect one should drink from 1.5 liters of liquid per day. Good drinks for a diet are pure water, low-fat kefir and green tea. It is especially useful before drinking food to drink water to reduce appetite. Welcome easy snacks in between, they also protect against overeating.

Next, consider an approximate menu for 4 days for weight loss.

Day 1 and 4:

      for breakfast – green tea, orange and vegetable salad
      for dinner – water, vegetables, apple and breast;
    for dinner – kefir, vegetable stew and pineapple.

Day 2:

      for breakfast – kefir and vegetable salad
      for lunch – tea, herbs, celery soup and vegetables;
    for dinner – kefir, salad and vegetable stew.

Day 3:

      for breakfast – yogurt and fruit salad
      for lunch – tea, yogurt, fruit, berries;
    for dinner – kefir and fruit.

the classic diet

Rice diet for 4 days

A short diet based on rice helps to lose about 4 kg and this is an excellent result. We called the diet rice, but she also has other names – the stewardess diet or acting. In general, this monotonous, meager diet for calories.

During the first day in the menu, only Fig. This is a low-calorie (per 100 g about 300 kcal) product, it is very nutritious, contains a lot of fiber, creates a feeling of satiety and helps to eliminate toxins. In rice there are valuable vitamins and slowly digestible polysaccharides. It is advisable to choose unpolished rice.

The second day is dedicated to unloading, it puts emphasis on the use of foods rich in calcium and protein. They are used in any portion without restriction.

There is green tea in the diet, as it tones. And of the drinks are appropriate apple and orange juices. Meat replenishes the supply of proteins. Cheeses give strength, they are rich in amino acids, they contain a lot of vitamin D, vitamin A, vitamins of group B. They contain potassium, calcium, magnesium and phosphorus.

In addition to the recommended products in the menu, you can eat other diet foods. The main thing is to observe low daily calorie intake. Sugar and salt are not welcome in the diet. In general, one must adhere to a fractional diet, that is, to eat food often, in small portions. Do not forget about the abundant drink.

During the fourth day it is better to refrain from drinking. Do not assume high physical activity. On your normal diet, steadily switch smoothly, so that the body does not experience stress.

The following is a sample menu of rice diets-four days.

Day 1:

      boiled rice;
    tomato juice.

Day 2:

Optimal products for the second day:

      low-fat kefir;
    low-fat cottage cheese.

Day 3:

Dietary products to choose from, which can be consumed throughout the day:

      boiled chicken;
      green tea;

Day 4:

The menu for the final day is rather modest, it includes:

      solid low-fat cheese;

rice diet

Mexican diet for 4 days

At best, for 4 days of the Mexican diet, you can get rid of 2-4 kg. This effect is achieved due to low calorie, strict menu and food in small portions. As a source of slow carbohydrates, vegetables and fruits are used. And the menu is based on cheese, eggs and milk.

Consumption of fats is limited, they are taken only from dairy products. Total 3 meals without snacks. Between dinner and sleep should take 3 hours. The period of hunger between meals is 5 hours. Let’s say black and green tea with lemon, coffee.

The diet is poor enough for useful substances, so it will not be superfluous to take a vitamin and mineral complex. Such a diet is harmful in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, pregnancy and GV, but for healthy people the menu is very effective, it helps to recover quickly after a feast or to put the figure in order before an important event.

A four-day diet helps to reduce the volume of the stomach. Power is inexpensive. If you want to repeat the diet, then you need a pause of at least 14 days on proper nutrition.

Below we will show the menu for weight loss on a Mexican diet.

Day 1:

      for breakfast – coffee, eggs, orange;
      for dinner – prunes
    for dinner – an orange and an egg.

Day 2:

      for breakfast – tea, cottage cheese, cheese
      for dinner – an orange, an egg
    for dinner – milk, pears.

Day 3:

      for breakfast – coffee or tea;
      for dinner – cheese, vegetable salad
    for dinner – milk.

Day 4:

      for breakfast – oatmeal or muesli;
      for lunch – salad from vegetables;
    for dinner – oranges or grapefruits.

the Mexican diet

The protein diet for 4 days

Protein diets are the most convenient, since they exclude the feeling of hunger and perfectly dry the figure from fat. Such a diet is absolutely not suitable for future mothers, people with cardiac, renal and hepatic ailments. Here we are not talking about unloading days. This diet is a certain preparation of the body for a smooth transition to a more serious protein diet-drying.

Bran can be used in the form of a powder. Nuts are used little by little. Between meals to drink coffee, tea, water, not sweetening.

The menu of the mini-protein diet is presented below.

Day 1:

      for breakfast – bran, nuts, kefir
      for dinner – cottage cheese
    for dinner – milk or yogurt.

Day 2:

      for breakfast – greens, egg whites;
      for lunch – tomatoes, chicken
      for lunch – fish salmon
        for a snack – cucumbers, beef
    for dinner – shrimp.

Day 3:

      for breakfast – bran, eggs;
      for dinner – cottage cheese, yogurt;
      for a snack – yogurt;
    for dinner – tea and red meat.

Day 4:

During the day to use:

      tea and water;
    chicken, seasoned with lemon.

the protein diet

Low-calorie diet for 4 days

This dietary diet is given to some people hard, as it disturbs weakness, lethargy, drowsiness, loss of strength, hunger. It is impossible to go in for sports, because there is simply no strength. But still there are those who like this menu to their liking.

Salads should preferably be seasoned with lemon juice. To observe low caloric content, you can measure your portions by hand. Any of the main meals by volume is approximately equal to two palms, and a snack to one fist.

A low-calorie menu is shown below.

Day 1:

During the day, in any order, use the following products:

      tomato juice;

Day 2:

Food for the whole day:

    apple puree.

Day 3:

      egg whites;

Day 4:


low-calorie diet

Cleansing diet for 4 days

Fast diet is aimed at soft cleansing of the body from accumulated harmful substances. If you have serious health problems, you need to consult a doctor. For 4 days, you will have to refrain from coffee and tea.

When preparing smoothies in a blender or food processor, sugar and salt should not be added. As a continuation of the detox diet, a salt-free diet is commonly used.

Day 1:

From the offered food products, prepare 2 liters of smoothies and take it every 2 hours:

      lettuce leaves,

Day 2:

Prepare from the products of smoothies, divided into 4 portions, this will be 4 meals:


Day 3:

Cook puree from the following products, the whole volume divided into 6 portions, this food for the whole day:

      wheat germ;

cleansing diet

Diverse diet for 4 days

Not all four-day diets are meager and insatiable. For example, there is a varied diet, where different menus are offered for each day. It is known that this diet is popular among the stars of show business, it was developed by dieticians from America to make people become slim and fit in a few days.

The diet is so good that after its completion, you can repeat the 4-day menu without waiting for a pause.

On the first day of fishing, you should not eat smoked and salty foods. Stewed, boiled, baked seafood are welcomed.

The second day is dedicated to protein cocktails. Just put the food in a blender, mix it – and one nutritious meal is ready. The feeling of hunger is excluded, your muscles will get a good boost, you will be vigorous and full of energy, thanks to protein cocktails. It is not difficult to cook them. For example, a cocktail can consist of banana, cottage cheese and milk. On the Internet you can find a huge number of similar recipes.

The positive effect of the third apple day is based on the action of pectins, and fruit acids. Thanks to such nutrition, the body is cleansed, a feeling of heaviness is not created, and the process of fat burning is faster. Welcome raw and baked apples, as well as various dishes with apples. Suitable and juices.

The final day gives a powerful detox effect. Thanks to buckwheat without oil and salt, the body receives a lot of fiber, naturally cleanses the intestines. Activated charcoal is not necessary, but it is desirable. Take 1 tablet for each kilogram of body weight. You can replace coal with Polysorb.

The daily menu is shown below.

Day 1:

Featured Products:

      fish and all seafood;
      sea kale;
    unsweetened tea, water, coffee.

Day 2:

Featured Products:

      protein cocktails – about 6 large portions per day;

Day 3:

Featured Products:

    apple juice.

Day 4:

Featured Products:

      boiled buckwheat without additives;
    tablets of activated carbon.

a varied diet

A 4-day diet is not a magic wand for quick weight loss, but only an auxiliary tool. In addition to dietary nutrition, it is necessary to generally adhere to a healthy lifestyle, to properly care for the body and exercise, then the figure will be in order. Enjoy your weight loss.