Earthing is a Vital Nutrient


When someone lies on the ground, mesmerized by the magnificence of the stars, he hardly suspects of the imperceptible transfer of electrons from the earth into the body.

The ancient Chinese knew about the healing ability of the Earth and called the energy of the earth “chi”. Matteo Tavera, the French agronomist, considered all living beings as antennas connected with the Earth and the sky.

In other words, people guessed about the connection of the human body with the energy of the earth for thousands of years.

The discovery of the grounding phenomenon

Clinton Aubert came to an understanding of grounding, combining intuition, traditional medicine and observations.

Clinton Aubert was born in 1944 and grew up on a farm in the state of Montana. When his father died, he had to take responsibility, as a minor, for the farm and the five brothers and sisters.

Someone suggested to him that there is no need in higher education. After all, knowledge can be obtained from books. Leaving agriculture, Ober went into the business of installing a cable television.

In 1993, after a deadly illness, Auber realized that he had become a slave to his property. He distributed or sold the property and went on a trip to America.

The first hint came in Florida

“The next morning a strange idea occurred to me that the earth itself was trying to tell me something. The irresistible force made me understand that we human beings have a bioelectrical connection with the earth which, with the help of simple contact with the soil, neutralizes electric charges in the body and naturally protects the nervous system from extraneous electrical interference. “

Ober continued his journey to Sedona, Arizona, still reflecting on what his mission is.

The answer came in 1998, when the question was asked: “Can shoes with rubber or plastic soles isolate us from the ground and adversely affect our health?”

Experiments conducted at home have led to the first published study.

Free radicals

About ten years ago, it was discovered that chronic diseases occur as a result of inflammation promoted by free radicals.

Free radicals are molecules or atoms that have free electrons on the outer shell. They circulate in the body, “stealing” electrons from healthy tissues.

This results in chronic diseases: from gum disease to cancer.

Circulation of too many free radicals is called oxidative stress, which plays a major role in the aging process and causes age-related diseases.

Electromagnetic fields (EMF) emanating from electronic equipment and wiring in homes, enhance inflammatory processes and weaken the immune system.

EmFs also reduce the amount of melatonin, a hormone regulating sleep. But back to Clinton Aubert.


Studying of grounding

In his first study, Aubert selected 60 patients who suffered from muscle and joint pain and who had trouble sleeping.

It was shown that the voltage in the body of the subjects averaged more than 2 V. The participants were divided into 2 groups: with grounding and without grounding.

All participants in the experiment received mattresses with gaskets based on carbon fiber, from where the wire went into the ground. In 30 people, the wire was grounded, reducing the field during sleep to an average of 10 mV.

The results confirmed the importance of grounding

Having woken up, 100% of the subjects felt rested. About 75% of the subjects felt relief from pain, and 80% experienced muscle stiffness.

Participants from the first group also reported relief from respiratory illnesses, premenstrual syndrome, stopping breathing during sleep and hypertension.

Earthing for all

Now that you understand the importance of grounding, try to be more in contact with the ground. What do urban residents do if they do not want to get their feet dirty, walking barefoot along the streets? It can be grounded through concrete, but not over an underground tunnel.

How to ground in a high-rise building? Clinton Ober created a variety of devices: sheets and multivibrators for grounding.