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What is the Male Edge Penis Extender?

The Male Edge is a progression of bar based penis extenders that are made by the organization Dana Medic, a Danish organization. Their item is a fresher cycle of the Jes-Extender. Male Edge penis extender comes in three unique forms: Male Edge Basic, Male Edge Extra and Male Edge Pro. In each of the three forms, the plan of the gadget is basically the same and everything arrives in a zipped walled in area. The main distinction between renditions is the expansion of specific additional items.

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Male Edge Extender Review

Fundamental Version or Male Edge Basic:

This is the slightest costly model and will be the one utilized as a part of my survey. This gadget is blue and white and accompanies two ties and a measuring gage.

Additional Version or Male Edge Extra:

This model is somewhat more costly and accompanies everything that the Basic adaptation accompanies in addition to an additional tie, and a security cushion.

Professional Version or Male Edge Pro:

This is their top notch model and accompanies the majority of the Basic and Extra adornments in addition to four elastic lashes, two substitution cushions, and durable dressing.

Despite the adaptation, every unit can be connected or evacuated in a matter of minutes in the protection of your own home. We have all known about the surgeries that are accused of expanding the measure of your penis yet more often than not, few of us have the container to put resources into strategies.

In this way, when we found a DIY gadget accessible available, we needed to sit up and pay heed. Male Edge has gotten rave audits from industry specialists and in an offer to perceive what the entire whine is about, here is a survey on the item and regardless of whether it can enable you to expand the extent of your masculinity.

The Male Edge extender is the successor of the effective Jes Extender that was the main penis extender. Male Edge has some extremely brilliant highlights that are route superior to most conventional extenders. Most penis extenders are produced using take, yet Male Edge is produced using plastic exceptionally solid plastic and it influences it to lighter and hence more agreeable to wear.

Male Edge

Highlights and SPECIFICATIONS of

•          All plastic outline

•          Two-way detent alterations

•          Penis tie connection as it were

•          Levels of strain: 1200g (42oz), 2000g (71oz), and 2800g (100oz)

•          Maximum usable length: ~8″ (20.3 cm)

•          Minimum usable length: ~3″ (7.62 cm)

•          Strap length: 6.375″ (16.19 cm)

•          Strap material: Synthetic elastic


Step by Step Instructions to Put it On

Here are the given steps to put on the Male Edge penis extender.

1.         Choose the correct metal bars for the pressure you wish to apply and sink them the casing of the gadget.

2.         Fit the base part around the base of the pole of your flabby penis, against your  pelvis.

3.         Place the highest point of your penis on the penis stage.

4.         Proceed to secure your penis head and shaft by tightening the plastic unbending noose, clasping down on your penis.

5.         Angle the Male Edge penis extender to your coveted edge.

6.         Put your jeans back on and continue with your day.

What it’s like to wear it.

Once more, it resembles a customary pole based penis extender.

On the off chance that you’ve at any point utilized a pole based extender some time recently, similar to the Jes-Extender, SizeGenetics, or X4-Labs Extender, you practically realize what you’re getting into when you utilize the X4 Labs penis extender.

There are basically no contrasts between all these bar based extenders other than the shading and minor mechanical executions. That being stated, there are a couple of contrasts with regards to wearing it. The first is the way that the highest point of your penis shaft is lashed into the gadget.

There is basically just a single alternative to secure your penis in – and that is with the inflexible plastic lash. This is a takeoff from the silicone nooses that some might be so acquainted with.

Additionally, the fundamental rendition of this gadget does not accompany a cushioning tie, so some may feel the exposed surface of the plastic on their lash somewhat bothering.

Hence, you are all the more unable to purchase the more costly choices.

There’s a wide range of consequences for this, so we’ll talk about it later in the “Male Edge Cons” area of this survey.

Overall, it’s a better than average extender be that as it may, the cost isn’t extremely focused.

The Benefits of Male Edge Extender

This penis extender is entirely agreeable. In the event that you get the higher valued choices. The essential one isn’t, shockingly. Contrasted with the other pole based extenders it’s an incredible rival to the SizeGenetics and the Pro Extender. In spite of this, there isn’t much observable distinction from the client point of view.

By then, you’re going to simply need to think about the cost and dispatching choices and settle on your choice from that point. When wearing the gadget, you’re practically confined to the standard office-seat sit and strolling. For most folks, in any case, this is adequate. Simply don’t hope to keep this extender on the off chance that you jump at the chance to twist your legs or sit in with folded legs positions.

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Subtle elements that I like about this framework are the snap-on front piece, the formed base ring, and the tight attack of the tie in the front piece.

The front piece goes on and off effectively and is a better than average outline include. It gives you greater adaptability for modifying, as well as less distressing on your penis amid connection. Tragically, it’s not impeccable; as I’ve expressed under my abhorrence.

I’ve attempted extenders that have ineffectively planned bases (Size Matters) and they are not happy. The Male Edge base feels appropriate to me and it enables my penis to point totally descending without obstruction.

Indeed, even costly extenders (SizeGenetics) have crappy ties and due to terrible encounters, I for the most part don’t utilize them. The tie with this extender is somewhat superior to anything most (despite the fact that it needs cushioning or cloth to hold you appropriately). For a certain something, the little ears that stick-up are expansive and simple to take a few to get back some composure on. This truly helps while evacuating the tie.

Another great quality about the tie is that it fits firmly in the front piece. The edges on the lash that are intended to keep it set up appear to carry out the activity extremely well and I had no issues with it hauling out.

“Only for those who feels that manual extenders are not good fit, they can also read about Male Extra Pills or Supplement.”

Size Gains by Male Edge

Everybody needs to know how much size I picked up utilizing this framework. The response to that inquiry is, none. I audit a great deal of items and since I’ve had two hernia surgeries, I can’t wear any extender long. I’m sure however that the Male Edge extender can convey comes about. While checking on a comparative item, I started to get brings about one to two months. I see no motivation behind why this framework would bring anything less.

Clinical Testing

As indicated by Male Edge, client records demonstrate a 28% normal increment long and a 19% expansion in bigness. Clinical examinations led by the maker demonstrate an expansion in size of between 0.59″ (1.5cm) and 2.0″ (5cm) following four months. The increases are commonly perpetual in view of the adequacy of this strategy for amplification.


I have attempted a few unique sorts of dick extenders and as I would like to think Male Edge is protected. Utilize some presence of mind and focus on what your body is letting you know and you ought to have no significant issues.

The pointers consolidated in the strain arms let you know how much power is being connected so it’s unrealistic to incidentally finished do it.

This framework is completely flexible and takes into consideration free here and there developments of the penis while being worn. No coupling happened amid my tests.

In conclusion, there are no sharp or pointed parts on the unit which takes out the likelihood of damage or distress while being used.

Pros of Male Edge

•          Lightweight

•          Snap-in agents and front piece

•          Strap stays put

•          Supplies strain up to 2000g (71oz)

•          No thumb-screws to turn

•          Affordable

Cons of Male Edge

•          Some parts appear to be excessively sensitive

•          Front piece flies out under higher strain (effectively settled)

Conclusion of this Male Edge Review

Male Edge is a pleasant and practical item. It has basic and compelling features and it is made using lightweight materials for your comfort. If you use our advice given in this review while using this product then we are sure that you will gain maximum result using this penis enlargement system.

If you are not interested than you can also read about PE Supersizer.

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