How to Burn more Calories to Lose Weight


Have you ever wondered why some people allow themselves to eat anything, without giving up desserts and occasionally doing exercises, and not gaining weight? You do everything right and continue to gain weight.

Why is this happening?

The Johns Hopkins University report confirms that the answer lies in your metabolism (metabolism), which determines whether your body converts everything that you eat or drink into energy or fat deposits.

The good news is that there are ways to speed up the metabolism and burn more calories, regardless of your age or weight.

Exchange of substances

This metabolic “cauldron” burns calories while we sleep, read or watch TV. Since our hearts are beating hundreds of thousands of times a day, calories are needed to support life in us.

These day-to-day functions require 65% to 75% of the total number of calories we receive when taking food and drinks.

Physical activity requires 15-30% of the total energy. The remaining 5-10% of calories are burned in the process of digesting food and moving it through the gastrointestinal tract.

So how can you activate your metabolism and burn more calories?

A good beginning is build-up of muscle mass but do not run a mile in four minutes. As a rule, each kilogram of muscle burns 12 calories per day, and each kilogram of fat – only 4 calories.

This means that if you can convert a couple pounds of fat into a couple of kilograms of muscle, you will burn an extra 16 calories per day. Burning over 7,300 calories per year results in the loss of one kilogram.

Not so much, you say? But in fact within 10 years you will become 10 kg lighter. It’s an old story that a journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step!

To build muscle and accelerate metabolism, make a program of moderate exercise. Exercising such exercises five times a week for thirty minutes burns 1000 calories.

This means that you will lose another 7-8 kg per year. Add exercises with weights, for example, such as lifting weights or squats to prevent muscle atrophy as a result of aging.

Do not skip breakfast . This will reduce the desire to have a snack later.

It’s enough to sleep . If the duration of your night sleep is less than 7-8 hours, the body increases the level of the hormone ghrelin, which slows metabolism and increases appetite. One study showed that those who at night slept only five and a half hours lost twice less weight than those who slept eight hours a day.

Make sure that you drink a sufficient amount of protein . According to Carmen Roberts, nutritionist John Hopkins, protein is heavily digested, so its assimilation requires more calories. In addition, this means that weight reduction will occur through the reduction of fat, and not muscle.

Drink more water since this is the best beverage without calories. Studies show that drinking two cups of water accelerates metabolism by 40% over the next 30 minutes. This is partly due to the fact that the body tries to heat water at room temperature to body temperature.

This winter, in times of financial hardship, you can save money and increase metabolism, having lowered the temperature in the heating system at home. Previous generations burned more calories, just trying to keep the body warm. Exercises outdoors in cold weather bring the same effect.


Are you aware that caffeine is found in many fat burning preparations? Caffeine can increase the metabolic rate

Do you feel drowsy while reading this article? If so, try to pour yourself a cup of tea or coffee . These drinks lead to increased metabolism and speed up the heart rate.

Chili pepper also increases the metabolic rate. But do not overdo it with caffeine and do not make the food too spicy just to lose weight.

Remember that the first step is the most difficult. But be wise and do it.