Beauty. How do we understand it


Beauty is an ambiguous concept. Each person puts his meaning in this term. For some, beauty is an ideal appearance, a figure, as they say, “without flaw”; and for someone – the ability to submit oneself, present, some kind of inner soulfulness to like other people.

A person can be handsome in appearance, but his spiritual world is empty and lifeless. Or, on the contrary, a person is not noticeable from the outside, not handsome and not ugly, at first glance it is indistinguishable from anything else, can have a deep, bright, saturated spiritual world. Such a person is struck by beauty, not external, but internal. He draws people to him like a magnet.

No need to be upset if you do not have model data, you do not have a stunning figure and magnificent shapes. All this is coming and going. Nobody is immune from the fact that over the years to gain a few extra pounds or get the first wrinkles. It can happen the other way round: the thin, frail physique of the person in the course of time acquires enticing forms. Time takes its, everything changes. In order to maintain their shape, many women resort to diets or simply start to include more vegetables in their diet. To be beautiful externally, use different cosmetics and so on.

Everyone is beautiful in his own way, everyone values ​​beauty in his own way. Someone considers himself too inconspicuous, someone can not live an hour, not admiring himself in the mirror.

The main thing here is not to get bogged down in your own complexes. Despite everything, you must always remember that you are beautiful in your own way. You are individual, unique. After all, someone can fall in love with your eyes, in your red freckles on the nose, in a snub nose or your helplessness, some kind of helplessness, kindness or sympathy.

External beauty is deceiving. The inner world speaks much more about man. He can draw to himself once and for all, and can be repelled immediately after several minutes of communication. Being near, empty, absolutely soulless, it is impossible to get another person to be around, support or build any relationship. Sooner or later it will still stop, it will collapse.

Beauty can not be so easily identified. It is not of a material nature. It can not be measured or estimated. It is something more, inexplicable, often unattainable. It can not be taken, it can only be known.

Beauty begins with you. Only you can convince yourself that you are beautiful. When you fall in love with yourself, others will love you. Change you, the whole world will change around you. Beauty is reflected in the eyes, in a happy smile, in relation to others. It can be seen right away, from afar …