7 Habits that will Ruin your Skin


If you do not take off cosmetics regularly before bedtime, you can add several years to your skin. But that’s not all. To the skin was healthy and radiant, you need to get rid of bad habits.

It’s too late to wash

During the day, more dirt and harmful substances settle on your face than you think. During sleep, the skin is restored – the dead cells are replaced with new ones. When the remains of cosmetics or other substances remain on the face, it is more difficult for the skin to be cleansed. Over time, these cells accumulate and clog pores.

It is best to wash immediately after coming home. Otherwise, you will walk 4-6 hours with clogged pores. If the skin is prone to blockage, these extra hours will make it even worse.

To wash with cold or hot water

Slightly warm water is most suitable for the skin, although warm water, maybe, will not wake you up just like a cold one. The face “burns” from cold and hot water and irritation may appear.

Do not use retinol and moisturizer

When should I start using the drugs with retinol (vitamin A)? At 40 or 30 years old? You can start at 20 years, as it increases the production of collagen.

Skin care should be carried out in three stages. First, wash your face, then apply the remedy with retinol, and then moisturize the cream. Retinol will strengthen the skin, and the cream will relieve irritation.

Use cotton pillowcases

For facial skin, pillows made of silk or satin are the best. Cotton and other harder fabrics are too rough for the face and hair. When you toss and turn in a dream, contact with hard tissues leads to irritation and wrinkles.

If you can not give up cotton, choose a softer material with a high thread weave density.

Washing clothes with fragrant means

For pillow cases it is better not to use powders and rinses with aromas. Chemicals can irritate the skin during sleep and in some cases cause a rash.

Choose non-flavored detergents and do not add rinse aid when washing. Wash the pillowcase at least once a week.

Check social networks before going to bed

If you spend too much time before bedtime on a phone, computer, or tablet, then sleep. Studies link the night sitting in front of gadgets with the development of depression and cancer. But it also harms the skin.

Neutralization leads to a tired appearance, so you have to use a lot of cosmetics, and this leads to clogging of pores and acne.

Long sitting in front of the TV affects not only the quality of sleep, but also the formation of folds around the eyes.