6 Consequences of Protein Deficiency and How to Deal with them


We tell how to recognize the shortage of the most important building material of the body ─ the protein ─ and how to deal with it.

The main New Year’s race is over, and you no longer need to be a sparkling party star in the same dress . It is possible to breathe out and with relief to return to in the regime of healthy nutrition and training. Experts of the service of delivery of fresh products with recipes “Shefmarket” advise to look at your body: proteins are needed not only for athletes. Even a person whose “motor maximum” – a daily trip to the coffee shop on the corner, needs about 1.3 grams of protein per kilogram of weight. That is, if you weigh 55 kilograms, a day you will need 71.5 grams of protein. And every day to deprive the body of protein is impossible: unlike fats and carbohydrates, proteins in the body do not accumulate. Here are just a few signs that you lack protein.

Mood at the zero

Protein is necessary for the synthesis of the neurotransmitter serotonin, which is responsible for a good mood. The consequences of a lack of serotonin are sad: the mood falls, the surrounding people are annoyed, and their innocent remarks seem to be insults that can only be washed off with blood. Night insomnia and daytime drowsiness do not really help.

Dull skin

The lack of proteins in turn, causes a deficiency of collagen, because it also refers to proteins. This leads to a decrease in skin tone, the appearance of fine wrinkles, dryness and dull complexion.

Slow recovery

Protein is the main building material for cells, and if it is too small, much more time is needed to “repair” damaged tissues. When scratches do not heal for weeks, and irritations do not pass, despite the best care, there is reason to suspect a protein deficit in oneself.

Frequent swellings

The shoes seem to be an instrument of torture, the rings are also, and in the mornings you see a man with bags under his eyes. Proteins take a direct part in the water-salt metabolism. Without them, this process begins to malfunction, which is expressed in swelling.

Weak hair and nails

Keratin, which consists of nails and hair – also protein. If the protein is not enough, your manicurist and hairdresser can notice this first: because of the scarcity, the curls become dull, the ends of the hair are cut off, and the nails are stratified – no shellac can disguise it.

General weakness

Proteins need muscle cells – that’s why bodybuilders are so passionate about protein cocktails. Without the necessary amount of protein, the amount of muscle tissue will decrease, and you will notice that even small efforts tire you: the muscles hurt even after a short walk, and you feel tired, even if you have not yet got out of bed.

What should I do?

Start with a trip to the therapist. It happens that the protein we consume just as much as we need, but it just does not digest. The reason for this – diseases of the digestive tract, in particular, narrowing of the esophagus or ulcerative colitis. If there are suspicions, it is better to confirm or deny them from a doctor. Sometimes (in very rare cases) protein deficiency arises because the body breaks it too quickly, and protein breakdown is more intense than tissue repair, for which, in fact, the protein is needed. Accelerated catabolism is typical for tumorous diseases, extensive burns and serious injuries.

The next step is to revise the diet. Vegans and vegetarians, girls who sit on too strict diets, as well as those who do not follow the balance of calories, proteins, fats and carbohydrates, run the risk of getting a protein deficiency in the body. A protein-poor diet is the main reason for the lack of protein. The menu needs to be arranged in such a way that even during a fasting or diet, you get enough of all the necessary nutrients.