5 useful things that only Cats can Teach


You know that animals do not harm their health the way we do. It seems that the very nature at the genetic level directs them. Take at least cats. We really have much to learn from them.

It’s enough to sleep

Cats like to sleep, and some workaholics would do well to learn from them. Indeed, lack of sleep leads to overweight, as well as metabolic disorders and heart problems.

More importantly, sleep is primarily needed for our brain, since only in a dream the products of vital activity are removed from the brain.

You should feel rested after sleep. How much to sleep – choose yourself.

There are natural products

Everyone knows that cats are very picky in sausages and will not drink any milk. Of course, their analytical abilities are not unlimited, each of them has their own likes, but in general their scent is very developed.

Cats are good at distinguishing the quality of proteins and fats in meat and are sensitive to additives in food. Then what prevents us from eating more natural products?

Avoid any processed food. If you can not feel the additives by smell, then read the composition of the product.


Stretching in the morning

Cats begin the day with “stretching.” In fact, we also need to do stretching, lying in bed. Or even better – charging. Scientists believe that when we are stretching in the morning, small vessels, capillaries, dilate in the muscles.

Capillaries re-fill after closing, as there is no need to supply blood to the muscles at night. So we can better prepare for the start of the day.

The Valerian only on holidays

An important fact is that cats do not consume alcohol. Well, or just a tincture of valerian.

Although it is generally believed that small doses of alcohol are good for health, there are several nuances.

First, small doses are 1-14 conventional units of alcohol per week. For comparison, a bottle of wine is 9-10 units. Secondly, this refers to red wine, since it contains resveratrol from grapes.

Independence from someone else’s opinion

Cats are walking by themselves. Sometimes it would not hurt us to depend less on someone else’s opinion.

This relieves stress and stress. What others say about us does not necessarily reflect us. It’s just their attitude to us at the moment.