5 Reasons to Forget about Alcohol from Today


Perhaps alcohol helps to make the evening fun, but he will not add health. We will give several reasons explaining why alcohol prevents us from looking good and being healthy.

Alcohol – an obstacle on the way to a slender figure

Alcohol disrupts metabolism, hormonal function and enhances appetite. Alcohol increases the synthesis of the hormone cortisol, which destroys the muscles and accumulates fat.

At the same time, it lowers the level of testosterone that burns fat and increases muscle mass. The exchange of fats is reduced by 73% within an hour after taking 100 ml of vodka with lemonade.

With regular consumption of problems with appetite will not be. Since alcohol stimulates the brain to release hormones of pleasure, the desire to bite is intensified.

And finally, alcohol contains a lot of calories. In 200 ml of wine contains the same number of calories as in 25 ml of butter.

Alcohol weakens immunity

Alcohol weakens the immune response and increases inflammation. This suppresses the immune system, which leads to a high risk of infection.

Scientists believe that this is caused by the influence of alcohol on dendritic cells, which protect the body from the invasion of strangers.

Alcohol disrupts digestion


Daily consumption of 50-100 ml of vodka can lead to the growth of microflora to the intestines, which manifests itself as flatulence, pain, constipation or diarrhea.

As a rule, the small intestine contains a relatively small number of bacteria, in contrast to the large intestine. But in alcoholics in the small intestine there is an abnormal amount of bacteria.

Microorganisms absorb too many nutrients. As a result, the body develops a deficit.

Alcohol shortens life

Alcohol is a carcinogen. Alcohol (mainly acetaldehyde) plays a key role in the damage to DNA cells.

Frequent consumption of alcohol leads to cancer of the gastrointestinal tract, liver or breast cancer.

Alcohol destroys the brain

With the help of alcohol it is easy to raise the mood and forget about the problems. Since alcohol reduces anxiety, it is used as an easily available antidepressant.

After breaking the glass in the brain, the inhibitory pathways (GABA) are activated, which helps to relax and even reach euphoria.

The problem is that alcohol and its derivatives cause nerve cells to commit suicide (apoptosis).

Alcohol promotes the adherence of erythrocytes and the disruption of blood supply to nerve cells. The death of parts of the brain in different places leads to a classic picture – a “felt hat”.