5 Anti-aging advice that will help Delay Time


Time is moving forward inexorably, making us look older. However, some somehow manage to keep youth longer than others. Here are a few tools that will help slow down aging.

These are not mysterious magical elixirs, but quite ordinary means.

Use sesame oil

Natural sesame oil moisturizes the skin and gives it a healthy shine. In sesame oil contains vitamin E – a powerful antioxidant, which is credited with a rejuvenating effect.

Sesame helps to fight stress and rejuvenates cells. It improves the condition of hair and nails, normalizes metabolism, has anti-cancer properties. You can apply sesame oil to your face and body.

Do not eat sugar

You did not know, but sugar really accelerates the aging process of the skin. This is due to a weakening of the collagen functions in the skin. As a result, premature wrinkles appear.


Sugar. Photo: moritz320 / pixabay.com / CC0 Public Domain

Buy fish oil

Fish oil contains polyunsaturated fatty acids (omega-3), which block inflammation. Anti-inflammatory substances are the best means to delay time.

They help in everything: from benefits to the heart and immunity, to hair growth and elastic skin. They really do wonders. Three capsules of fish oil for 500 mg can be taken in the morning and evening.

Do not exercise too much

While physical activity is necessary for health, excessive stress significantly speeds up the metabolism in cells. Since they need to adapt to the load, their life time is shortened.

Look at professional athletes. Today they look 5-10 years older. This is a side effect of daily exhausting workouts. There are pluses here, but it also brings old age closer.


Add the vitamin C

It is known that vitamin C stabilizes the action of vitamin E, which is easily destroyed. At the same time, vitamin E enhances the antioxidant effect of vitamin C.

Therefore, it would be nice to add cream to a sesame oil with one of the forms of vitamin C. Since vitamin C does not penetrate deeply into the deep layers of the skin, use fat-soluble forms of vitamin C analogues or combined creams.