23 Hairstyles for the Oval Face Type on the Example of Stars


We are inspired by ideas thrown by the stylists of famous beauties.

It is believed that the oval face is absolutely any haircut and, moreover, styling. Are you a happy owner of the “oval”, but have not yet found your hair? Look closely at the options that demonstrate on the red carpet “celebrity”: one of them will necessarily be yours.

Jennifer Connelly

Owners of an oval-type face can wear hair as they please – everything goes to them. “Oscar” laureate (“Best Supporting Actress in” Mind Games “) Jennifer Connelly demonstrates how the right features emphasize the simplest” beach “waves.

Dautzen Croesus

The Dutch model knows that straight hair extends an already stretched face (and this, of course, is not at all what you need). Therefore, spreading the pony tail, she slightly twists the luxurious curls and becomes similar to the Disney princess.

Jessica Biel

Here they are, straight strands – you will say and will … and are right, and are not right at the same time. Mr. Timberlake’s wife has long made a choice in favor of the natural option and does not tricky with styling even at the most glamorous events. But from weighting the oval, Jessica is rescued by the volume in the basal area and an elongated slightly torn bang that visually “breaks” the face, making it more “easy.”

Emma Stone

The star “La-la-Lenda” knows how to emphasize the beauty of natural lines: you just need to open your face, collecting hair in a simple tail. In this case, the side parting will give a hairstyle solemn notes and make it more glamorous. (Read: Emma Stone: 10 best outfits of the richest Hollywood actress)

Eva Mendes

Of course, the chosen one of Ryan Gosling looks incredibly cute and seductive with any hairdo. At the same time, she knows that her decisive lower jaw, dominating the right oval, perfectly masks the multi-layered haircut: the hairy roots and large curls soften the face and shift the accent from the chin to the chiseled cheekbones.

Jennifer Lawrence

The beauty of the oval lies in the fact that you can work with him almost any hairstyle. We really like the option that chose “Miss Joy” – the low tail and the released strands, gently framing the face. Quiet, balanced, elegant and, of course, beautiful – at least in the gym, even at the celebration.

Poppy Delevin

Soft, romantic and chaotic waves like the British model and it-girl Poppy Delevin is a great way to add some “form” to the oval face (especially in the cheekbones and especially if you have long hair).


Even soft straight strands can work perfectly for a positive image of the classical oval, if you add volume with a dry modeling spray or a dry shampoo to the root zone, as Beyonce demonstrates. Otherwise, the strands will weight the face, making it longer.

We have already spoken of the fear of making an even longer face longer, but sometimes one should not be afraid to experiment, as Beyonce does, for example: a tall tail sharply raises everything your stocks are up.


Everything is simple: do not be afraid not only of length, but also of volume. Play with it, winding your hair, combing and constructing funny tails (once again look at Beyonce) ─ “width” will help to cope with excessive “length”.

Emma Watson

Bob perfectly fit the slightly elongated face of our adored Hermione: he added clarity to this beautiful oval and clearly traced his cheekbones. One nuance: if you decide to follow Emma’s example, avoid direct “heavy” parting, which will liken the classics on your head to the hairstyle of the chairman of the regional Legislative Assembly. Make it oblique – then even the tips can be twisted.

Megan Fox

A new girlfriend of the ninja turtles demonstrates how to perfectly balance the elongated shape of the face with simple asymmetrical styling. Combed hair on one side (use wax or jelly to tame the unruly curls on the back of the head and next to the ears) with large curls – the onion, worthy of the red carpet, is ready.

Charlize Theron

The face of a Hollywood South African in itself is very harmonious, so the actress can afford a lot (including shave nalyso, as she did for the role in the fourth part of “Mad Max “). This option we think is very successful: it seems that asymmetric curls are about to “cut” the exquisite proportionality of the Charlize features, but the hair ornament removes this destructive effect by restoring the balance (use a wide hair band instead of the rim – it will make the image even more romantic) .

Julia Roberts

The hair taken back (leaving only a few faces framing the face) is an excellent way to “reduce” the face, and also to highlight the cheekbones (even if there are practically none). To understand what we are talking about, look at the owner of an ideal smile, and then in the same way gather the hair in a low beam and release a couple of strands from the face (if desired, slightly podzaviv their ironing).

Liv Tyler

One of the main problems of the owners of the oval type of face is the fear that it is too elongated. If you too are visited by similar thoughts, cut off a bang – it will help to balance proportions. Below the eyebrows, moderately thick and reasonably filirovannaya – as the “elf” Liv Tyler – our favorite.

Joan Smalls

The back hair, fixed at the top of the head, is a risky option for “ovaliters”. However, if you want to emphasize cheekbones (and most importantly, you can do it) and are not afraid that the face will become more invoice, try it! Joan’s example proves that nothing is impossible.

Jordan Dunne

Another risky option for the classic face oval, risking lengthening it – hair taken in the tail or gathered in a bun, with a middle part. Do not argue, the variant is interesting and elegant – a standard sample of the classical style! – which is sometimes necessary for us in everyday life. So that your efforts to repeat this wonderful bow are not in vain, make sure that the hair is properly taken away from the ears and reliably fixed with varnish (this will help to highlight high cheekbones).

Sienna Miller

Cutting shag (about her read: Haircut shag: how to become fashionable and shaggy) and easy structuring of ragged curls – and even with super-thin hair you look like a queen.

By the way, pay attention to the long bang (here it is slightly longer than Sienna usually wears): it helps the actress to hide the protruding cheekbones and smooth the sharp chin, visually bringing her face closer to the face ideal.

Amber Hurd

A non-trivial version of asymmetry, which goes to the owners of oval faces: braided from one side of the braid (they are now in fashion – read “School pigtails: a sudden beauty-trend of summer”) a necessary element of playfulness and even grunty in the glamorous look of a lady with curvy locks.

Rachel Bilson

Sometimes the oval faces look too … ideal. If you do not want to enhance this puppet effect, just dry your hair after washing with your own five fingers, rather than brashing and ironing. Then, arm yourself with a dry mousse or texturing spray and give a natural amount of structure to the natural packing, as the star of the “Teleport” did – it should turn out to be careless, but at the same time it’s exquisite.

Victoria Justice

Sometimes, all you need to “open” your face in a new way is to make an oblique parting. Look at Victoria Justice and try to do the same: stretch one strand of hair through half of the forehead and lock behind the ear (the bulk can be loosened or low strengthened – look at Jennifer Lawrence). Do you agree that the oval has become more clear and figurative?

Zoey Deschanel

Finally, the option for fans of retro style (as well as for lazy ones): if you are lazy, like Liv Tyler wind your hair, or, like Jessica Biel, patiently pull out the iron, just build a magnificent “bee hive” (or “crow’s nest”) on its head. Do not forget about the bang: half long, and “torn”, it is mandatory.