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Diane Sanfilippo 21 Day Sugar Detox

We are pleased to bring your attention to The 21-Day Sugar Detox program by New York Times best selling author and certified nutritionist Diane Sanfilippo. Please take your time to read The 21 Day Sugar Detox review of this eBook to the end, as it contains information about what to expect from this carefully and expertly organized program.

Before we start, we want to re-assure you that we are NOT dealing with a scam this time around. Diane Sanfilippo is a real person with proven credentials and we believe Diane’s program will help a lot of people with over-weight issues connected with bad eating habits.

The 21-Day Sugar Detox is a complete program which gets you eating real food for three weeks to get rid of your cravings, adopt new habits, nourish your body and get to know your body what it needs.

Simply by limiting your sugar intake for 21 days, you can get to finally break away from your sugar addiction and carbohydrates cravings, and stop overindulging in carbs, bakery, and sweeteners. In this 21-Day Sugar Detox Review we will be going over exactly what this program has to offer.

The 21 Day Sugar Detox

Also the program comes in three different levels and most paleo eaters would be following level three, as they have already cut items like grains out of their daily meals. The course is digital and delivered through an online portal, where you get access to e-books, videos, audio recordings and cheat sheets.

Now let us meet with the author of this beautiful program.

Who is Diane Sanfilippo?

Diane Sanfilippo is a certified nutritionist who lives in New York and she has been practicing since 2009. According to our info she is a certified nutrition consultant and Holistic nutritionist specializing in holistic nutrition, health, diet, lifestyle, paleo and evolutionary nutrition. Also she specialise in gluten-free, grain-free, dairy-free and soy-free eating. Diane’s 2012 book ‘Practical Paleo’ became a New York Times best seller.

Diane got her Bachelor’s degree from Syracuse University, a Holistic Nutrition Consultant Certification from Bauman College in Berkeley, California, a CHEK Institute Holistic Lifestyle Coach Certification and a certificate in Poliquin Bio Signature Modulation. She is the founder of Balanced Bites a website full of information about dieting and healthy eating.

Diane can be found aside from her Linkedin profile, on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+ and YouTube. There you can see her sharing dieting plans and other info, as well as responding to questions asked. She also co-hosts a podcast on her own website called A Modern Take on Paleo Livingwhich you can listen to live every Thursday.

Why is 21-Day Sugar Detox Not A Scam?

  1. Scammers can never do what she is doing because it is too difficult and regular readers of Contra Health Scam already know that you can never find this much author information on a scam website or in the internet as a whole!
  2. Her website has no annoying pop-ups preventing you from leaving and ‘limited time’ pressure tactics compelling you to hurry up and buy a product without thinking first.
  3. The presentation video is the shortest I have ever seen which is less than 3 minutes long, yet it has comprehensive details of what you should expect from 21 Day Sugar Detox Unlike all the scam programs out there, you are given complete control of the YouTube-hosted video so you can play, pause or even seek.
  4. Unlike all the scams we have exposed, Diane does not go about alleging that ‘Big Pharma’ is lying to you and is out to harm you with drugs, or that she and her family are being hunted by the ‘Big Pharma’ because of the 21 Day Suger Detox. Instead she goes straight to explaining you what the program is all about.
  5. We have no reason to believe that the testimonials featured on the website are fake. To start with the photos are genuine and not stock photos and you can find more positive testimonials about the product in the comments at
  6. Finally the author and owner of the program is a real human being with a real social presence. She also has the reputation of replying on people’s questions on social media and even on Amazon reviews. Scammers will never do this!

Hope you are convinced that we’re not dealing with a scam?

Alright, now let us talk about the Diane Sanfilippo 21 Day Sugar Detox Program.

What is The 21 Day Sugar Detox Program?

According to the description on Diane’s official website, 21-Day Sugar Detox is a program based on all-natural foods, which is designed to help you overcome your harmful ‘sugar and carb cravings’ within 3 weeks.

This program will ultimately reverse your bad eating habits to a healthier one, which will be leading you to potential health benefits, especially losing weight.

In short the aim of 21 Day Detox program is to help you reduce your sugar intake by substituting the normal high carbonates, mostly like junk foods you eat with healthier foods.

Who is this 21 Day Detox For?

Diane claims that her program is suitable for anyone who wishes to change their bad eating habits, including medically peculiar people like breastfeeding or pregnant women. But from our own medical point of view, the group of people who will benefit immeasurably from this program include:

  • People and families with excessive weight issues due to bad eating habits
  • Diabetics
  • Athletes
  • People with unhealthy craving for stuff like sweets, candy and chocolates etc.

The 21 Day Sugar Detox diet program contains food recipes that are 100 percent gluten free, soy-free, corn-free, peanut free and overall very allergen free friendly.

HOWEVER, you should know that although 21 Day Sugar Detox book can most certainly help you live a healthy life, it is NOT designed to cure any disease. It is just a way of helping the body to fight your cravings. So don’t rely totally on this product to treat your disease. Consult your doctor first, who will then advise you on how to combine this program with your treatment routine for the best results.

What You will Get After Purchasing the Program

21 Day Sugar Detox program comes in 3 different packages:

  1. Basic Package: You will be given access to the member’s area where you will download the following:
  2. A Quick Start Guide eBook which you can download and start your detox program.
  3. Modification Guide eBook. This eBook contains special different diet modifications for pregnant and breastfeeding women, athletes, diabetics, people with allergies or other auto-immune disorders etc.
  4. Downloadable audio transcripts of the whole program in mp3 format so you can listen and easily understand them. This means 21 Day Sugar Detox program is also suitable for visually disabled people.
  5. Optional daily detox subscription.
  6. Videos explaining the program so you know exactly what you need to do to achieve your goal
  7. Access to support and online forum, where you can chat with fellow members of the detox community and get all the motivation you need during your detox.

You get all these benefits at a one-time price of $37.

  1. Plus Package: In addition to the Basic Package you will also get the hard copy of Diane’s New York Times best selling, 240-page, colour-printed book of her program21-Day Sugar Detox,which contains more than 80 detox recipes. This book’s price at Amazon is $34.95 but with this package, you’ll get the book $14.95 cheaper and if you are living in US then you will get free shipping offer as well.

You will get this package for $57 which is also a one time payment.

  1. Premium Package: Here you get the benefits of the Plus Package and another hard copy of Diane’s 240-page book called 21-Day Sugar Detox Cookbook. This cookbook contains almost 200 detox recipes along with beautiful colour photo illustrations. The price of this book on Amazon is $34.95 but with this package you can you this book $14.95 cheaper along with free shipping if you live in the US.

This package will cost you one-time payment of $77.

Another good thing about 21 Day Sugar Detox program is that purchasing any of the packages automatically makes you eligible for free updates. Which means you won’t have to pay for any future additions to the program.

Is there a Money Back Guarantee?

If you are not satisfied with this detox program, you can ask for a full refund within 14 days of purchase. So this means you have two weeks to try the program for free which is already two-third of the 21-day program itself!

Now unlike all the other programs which offer you 60-days money back guarantee for a product that should supposedly cure you within 30 days or less, this is a more logical refund policy, a policy that makes sense.

Is The 21 Day Sugar Detox Program Worth It? 

In our opinion absolutely, 100% yes. We were amazed by the amount of information and number of resources we got with 21 Day Sugar Detox program. The quick start guide alone is worth a good price. This is one of the most thorough and comprehensive guides on detox we have come across.

We can’t fault the quantity and quality of information in this program the design or the layout and of course anything that helps you to pay attention to your body, eat naturally and defeat your unhealthy non-paleo cravings has the thumbs up from us.

Would you like to Purchase this Program

Click Here for Basic

Click Here for Plus 

Click Here for Premium

We recommend The 21 Day Sugar Detox to anyone who want to get in touch with their body, reset, and learn once and for all how to choose good healthy food.

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