20 Star’s photos that Need to see before Cut off your Fringe


With a bang or without a bang? The sacred question will be solved easily and simply after viewing our starry collection.

The last “Golden Globe”, despite the general mimicry-dark tone (see ─ “Lady in Black: who managed to stand out on the Golden Globe-2018”), presented several especially memorable images ─ both successful and not so. Applauding Dakota Johnson, we can not but express our sympathy to Emma Watson, who was not at all adorned with the microbe that had come from (the beauty that requires certain victims, we wrote in the material “Very short bangs”).

The bangs – it would seem, not the most radical means of transformation – can still change the face beyond recognition. The relations between the celebrity and the bangs are usually fleeting and unstable: rarely any of the stars and strong ladies of this world keep her faithfulness from the school bench. For those who are only going to succumb to inspiration and cut off the bangs, we picked up those who inspired face to face from the red carpet (and not only).

Emma Watson

We think that the actress and now more to face would be a magnificent children’s bangs worn by freshman Hermione, rather than the current version. Strongly mikrochelka with the effect of natural dishevelment is not so bad that turns the 27-year-old Watson into a hooligan-sorceress, but does it extremely disharmoniously.

Dakota Johnson

Dakota bangs to face: ideally conceals the dizzy forehead height. It is a good option, which preferred actives ─ medium density, filirovanny, going for an extension to the temples. Note that the look of Miss Johnson ─ both beauty and fashion ─ as a whole became much more successful after rumors of her novel with Ilon Mask. Well, the relationship with Chris Martin and does make it an icon of style. Love inspires.

Bella Hadid

Changing the image of the younger Hadid is not accustomed, so in 2017 we admired her face with both bangs and without her. With such an ideal oval everything is possible, but it is worthwhile to think in advance about how much effort it will be worth to maintain the model appearance of such a bang ─ thick, flawlessly smooth and mirror-smooth (it, by the way, requires appropriate framing, and Bella has this classic square).

Melania Trump

The direct, sparse bangs that the first lady of the United States wore more than ten years ago, in our opinion, went more to her than the current puppet styling with a “side bang” (and in fact, no bangs, but slightly twisted, falling to cheekbones with locks).

Emma Stone

The richest girl in Hollywood (what we’re talking about here is “the 10 best dresses of the richest Hollywood actress”) loves a bang and wears it not only when she changes her hair color to blond. But it was this variat seemed to us the most sweet and somehow especially unearthly. Fringe, by the way, helps the actress to visually correct small eyes.

Carla Bruni

The former first lady of France is better without a bang, which makes from her face a small ruddy bun. Without a bang, Karl looks more refined and elegant. However, a bang for a madam at the age of “mast hev”, which proves Brigitte Macron, because it is very convenient to mask wrinkles on his forehead (especially if you do not abuse Botox).

Reese Witherspoon

The face oval of Reese is one of those successful examples, when it is good with a bang, and without. The undoubted advantage is that a neatly thinned bangs (usually Witherspoon wears the “side” option) is even more youthful in the lovely cheerful baby-face actress.

Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama with age preferred the typical “anti age option” bangs and did not lose. We would advise to reduce the degree of fleece, giving away the dashing 80’s.

Gigi Hadid

Jiji’s thick torn fringe looks disguised and fashioned fashionably, but we still do not believe this image (even the model in Versace). Perhaps, because such a hairstyle ─ the last century (remember Rachel Greene of “Friends” ─ by the way, we also did not forget about Jennifer Aniston).

Kate Middleton

The history of the Duchess of Cambridge is indicative: after an early decision (Kate cut off a bang in September 2015, when she nursed a newborn baby Charlotte), followed by a long period of splicing. Kate Middleton almost immediately began to divide it into a double parting, twisting and laying by the ears, pinching invisible. The Duchess was lucky, because the oval of her face is a pun: oval! ─ allows her to experiment freely with hair and styling. But it does not happen to everyone, so do not regret it by taking an impulsive decision.

Emilia Clark

Felt ─ not the most successful beauty experiment Daenerys from the “Game of Thrones”. Moreover, such an indistinct ─ dense, with an even length, crumbling in structure. Take note if you want to cut off bangs: in advance, determine if you have a vichir that will guarantee a non-aesthetic decay of the bang in half in the center.

Kendall Jenner

At the Golden Globe, Kendall appeared without a hint of a bang, and it’s a pity: she visually stretched out her face and, in our opinion, made the girl more mysterious, more interesting and glamorous.

Jennifer Aniston

Once upon a long time ago, at the dawn of a career, Jenne, who had not been determined either with long hair, or with their color or shape, experimented with wearing a bang that relentlessly “ate” the elegantly lengthened oval of the actress’s face and pretty forgave her. It is not surprising that Aniston does not remember her for a long time.

Anne Hathaway

With such large facial features as Anne, with bangs, you need to handle extremely accurately: she immediately at times even more increased their ─ dubious effect.

Chloe Moretz

Brooklyn’s girl Beckham does not abuse the wearing of the bangs and correctly does: the triangular, flared-up oval face does not dispose of it ─ the bang makes it even wider and more massive. Ideal only one option: a long bangs on one side (which, moreover, gives the girl an amazing resemblance to a potential mother-in-law).

Katy Perry

Before the singer confidently changed her haircut to an ultra-short, she also tried a microcellulose. Too short a length and a strong mating “with a bias” with the right oval and perfect eyebrows look nontrivial.

The Lady of the Gaga

But Stephanie Joanne Angelina Germanotta (how many can remember the real name of Lady Gaga?) Looks cute and so, and so (although the brows for the option “without” would not hurt to lighten).

Jessica Biel

Justin Timberlake’s wife looks with a bang ─ simple, smooth, medium thickness ─ wonderful. Ideal here is even the length, a couple of millimeters slightly opening eyebrows.

Taylor Swift

The singer has long made a fringe with her trademark, and perhaps in vain: a “bare” forehead opens Taylor’s gaze, making it less heavy. In addition, that the option that Taylor wears now (the photo on the right ─ from the fresh December concerts of country performers) gives a little naphthalene retro.

Selena Gomez

Selene, it seems to us, in the near future it is better to refuse wearing a bang ─ she makes a baby because of the genetic structure of the face of a 25-year-old singer is simply indecently infantile.


The bang in the version of the light “retro” from Emily is pretty and maybe even practical (such a bang-snag is easy to do with a pair of invisible ones available).

Jennifer Lawrence

Jalka Jennifer did not interfere, but she really did not make a feshenebel out of her. Verdict: without a bang is better.


Beyonce’s hair-transformations have long been used to, but we are sure that you can not remember the micro-cartoon with which the mother of three children flaunted in October 2014. If the idea of ​​”mini” does not let go even after the first and last photographs of the material, this is exactly your option.